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The real appearance of the hostess is unknown
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
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Sex Female
Species Hoodlum (Cagoulette)
Status Background character

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The hostess[1] is the only Cagoulette ever mentioned in Rayman 3.

She operates the intercom in Hoodlum Headquarters, claiming to work at the welcome desk. She is never seen save for in the form of pictures. Globox falls in love with her voice, and is eager to meet her. However, when he reaches the room which purports to contain the welcome desk, the hostess is not present, but there is a cut-out of a female, bikini-clad Globox – looking very similar to Uglette. Believing this to be the hostess, Globox rushes forward and attempts to hug the cut-out, and falls into a strategically-placed trap door. A female Hoodlum who may be the hostess also appears as a target in the firing range. Hoodlums are penalized for shooting it, as it is intended to represent an ally of theirs. She is last heard in the room containing the Horrible Machine where André interrupts her, calls her "toots" and talks through the intercom from then on. It is unknown if she survived the explosion of the factory.

The cut-out of the hostess Globox falls for.
The target in the shooting range.
The target.


  • Like the Hoodlums, Rayman is penalized if he shoots the target in the firing range, resulting the yellow bar increasing that represents the amount of targets Rayman shot.


  1. That name comes from the audio files of Rayman 3.