Clouds of Peril

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Clouds of Peril
Clouds of Peril
Pit of Endless Fire Cloudy Cache
Murfy Stamp 42000

Lums 87 Cages 4

The Clouds of Peril is the thirteenth level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. This is the first level where Rayman begins his search to find Globox, as the spirit of André has taken him over. The environment bars a similar look to that of Vertiginous Riddle.


At the starting point of the level, Murfy appears for a brief conversation, telling Rayman that by looking down, the Heart of the World and Reflux's Lair can be seen. Knowing he is up high in the clouds, Rayman needs to be careful to not fall down. Rayman will be exploring the area by battling different kinds of Hoodlums and activating various switches to open golden gates. The Throttle Copter powerup will be useful for getting across gap to gap.


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