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Not a Piece of Cake! Filthy Corridors

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Ginger-Bunny-Bread is the twenty-first level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is the sixth and final part of the the Sweets world, and the fifth of the game's six boss levels. In order to access this level, 40 cages need to have been broken.

In this level, Rayman battles an enormous Rabbid who advances slowly towards him, occasionally pausing to strike the ground, causing lumps of chocolate to fall from the air in an attempt to hurt him. When the Rabbid pauses to strike the ground, Rayman must change into his Rock outfit and hit the Rabbid with his guitar, knocking him backwards. Rayman must punch a button on the left wall of the arena to cause the right wall to extend sharp spikes; with the correct timing, the Rabbid can be knocked backwards into these spikes, impaling and killing it.

This level is notable for containing some of the strongest violence seen in any part of the Rayman series.

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