The Rabbids' Lair

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The Rabbids' Lair
The Rabbids' Lair
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The Rabbids' Lair is the twenty-sixth and final level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is the sixth and final part of the Dark world, and the last of the game's six boss levels.

In this level, Rayman battles an enormous Rabbid-shaped robot which shoots lasers from its cycloptic eye, the Rabbids' ship. After avoiding several blasts of the laser, a Blue Lum will appear, which Rayman can collect, allowing him to fly temporarily. Rayman must fly up to the Rabbid's eye and punch it in order to damage the Rabbid machine. When it is hurt, a trapdoor opens on its belly, releasing a wave of six small pink Rabbids towards Rayman. These detonate upon impact, damaging him if he does not punch them to destroy them first. For each hit the player deals, another laser will be shoot next round. After five hits, the Rabbid machine is defeated, and the Glade of Dreams has been saved again.

There is a glitch allowing the player to avoid getting hurt by the lasers by continuously crawling to the right end of the screen.

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