Agony Jails

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Agony Jails
Agony Jails
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Agony Jails is the twenty-third level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is the second part of the Dark world. This level is visited at the start of the game where you have to fight a boss before escaping which strangely also makes this the first of the game's six boss levels.

This level also acts as the game's tutorial; Rayman starts the game here, without his hands. With a little help from Murfy, he recovers them, and frees Globox and the Grand Minimus from their cells. He then breaks out of the jail and battles Pink's giant Antitoon robot. After beating the boss, Rayman obtains the Gangster skin. He is then transported to the village by Ly the Fairy, who tells him the story so far. He can then enter the Child world and the game's first proper level, Child's Play.

The level is later revisited when you make it back to the Dark World. As Rayman now has gained new abilities from the costumes he is now able to access more of the level and make it to the levels exit sign.

The enemies in this level are rabbid guards.



  • In the game ROM this level is named "Wailing jail" when visited during the game's introduction

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