The Sticky Lair

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The Sticky Lair
The Sticky Lair
Living Cavern The Desert of Desserts
Organic Cave

Lums 0 Cages 0

The Sticky Lair is the fifteenth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is the fifth and final part of the Organic Cave world, and the fourth of the game's six boss levels. In order to access this level, 28 cages need to have been broken.

In this level, Rayman fights a giant Rabbid, and must duck and jump to avoid the spiked metal balls it throws at him. A huge, purple uvula-like growth hangs down from the organic roof of the cave. Rayman must change into his Grandmother outfit and drop a carrot beneath the uvula to lure the Rabbid under it; then he must stand on a button-like protrusion which is growing from the ground. This causes the uvula to drop onto the Rabbid, hurting it. After being hurt four times, the Rabbid is defeated.

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