Mamma Hité

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Mamma Hité
Mamma Hité
Alignment Unknown

Appears in Rayman Origins (scrapped)
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Sex Female
Species Globox's species
Status Unknown

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You still King? Way to go! Your coronation party rocked! Mamma Hité was looking fine! Do you think she'll take me back?

Mamma Hité is a scrapped character who was originally intended to appear in Rayman Origins. Judging by pre-release images and other material, Mamma Hité seems to be a middle-aged female member of Globox's species with dark-pink skin, three fronds of purple hair, and (depending on the artwork) either gold jewellery or voodoo bone bracelets. The fourth issue of The Daily Bubble focuses on Mamma Hité, and is the source of most information concerning her. This issue advertises some of her bizarre voodoo products. It also shows her standing in the village which lies on the Sea of Serendipity, fish in one hand, club in the other.

Mamma Hité in the Sea of Serendipity
Mamma Hité's alter-ego: Big Mama.

Mamma Hité's very close resemblance to Big Mama, the final boss of Rayman Origins, make it clear that she was originally intended to transform into this monstrous creature. In the final version of the game, however, Mamma Hité does not appear, and Big Mama instead reverts into a nymph called Voodoo Mamma when defeated. This nymph bears a resemblance to both Big Mama and Mamma Hité, with three tufts of purple hair and voodoo jewellery made of bone. It is not known why the developers chose to replace Mamma Hité with the nymph in this way.

In the final version of the game, the Bubble Dreamer still mentions Mamma Hité, suggesting that the developers still intend for her to exist in the Glade of Dreams. At one point, the Bubble Dreamer comments on her good looks and wonders if she will ever 'take him back', suggesting that the two were once in a romantic relationship.

Mamma Hité's name is a pun on French cooking show presenter Maïté.