Mystical Pique

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Promotional screenshot of Big Mama's tentacles presumably somewhere in Mystical Pique.

The Mystical Pique is the fifth world in Rayman Origins. It is partially used in Rayman Jungle Run and has many similarities with Wild, Wild East from Rayman Adventures. This is the final world before the heroes must save the Four Kings from their evil form. The world's composition is a mountain location surrounded by floating landmasses which recall the floating earth platforms of the Blue Mountains from the original Rayman game. The mountain is also dotted with small buildings.


Mystical Pique has three different environments; a mountain, a cave and a snowy environment. The world consists of old enemies from the original Rayman game like the Stone men and lava rocks. It seems more of the Red Wizards, members of Globox's species, reside in this world, as well as the Fakirs who meditate in the cave environment.

Mystical Pique
Mystical Pique
Sea of Serendipity Ticklish Temples
Connected to Moody Clouds

In Rayman Origins

The Mystical Pique is a snowy and high-mountained place of the Glade. At the first level, Moseying the Mountain, some elements from Jibberish Jungle appear. This world is where Rayman and his friends receive the wall run ability, after they rescue the Mountain Nymph Helena Handbasket from the jaw of a Darktoon. With the new power, the team can get into the mounts. At the end of the pique, the team will have to fight the Golem boss. Some members of Globox's species named the Red Wizards that were first seen in Sea of Serendipity help out the team at one point in the world.


Mystical Pique
Mystical Pique
Sea of Serendipity Living Dead Party
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In Rayman Legends

Mystical Pique returns as a world in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends. The levels from Mystical Pique, Moody Clouds and the Land of the Livid Dead all fuse together into one world with some levels, such as the Electoon stages, not being present. The levels themselves are mostly the same, with some graphical updates. The Magician's hat has however been removed from the levels and some levels have been made easier. The ending has also been shortened to not spoil the plot of Rayman Origins.


In Rayman Jungle Run

Some of the levels in Rayman Jungle Run take place in Mystical Pique.