Mister Death

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Mister Death
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Jungle Run
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Sex Male
Species Livid Dead
Status Guard

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Tough guy swinging the scythe over there guards the way into the Land of the Livid Dead... He's a vain old fellow, you know?... Get him some shiny new Skull Teeth, like this one: Skulltooth.png , and he may let you into the dark realms...

Mister Death is a Grim Reaper-like creature who guards the Dead Door, an entrance to the Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman Origins. It is unknown if he has an alliance with the grannies or the other Livid Dead creatures. Unlike the Goth Teensie, who's job is not to let the livid dead escape, Mister Death's job is not letting anyone in. The dead door seems to have a Spiral Door inside, which only opens when Mister Death is redeemed. He later reappears in Rayman Jungle Run with a similar role; in order to access the four Livid Dead-themed levels, the player must give him all of the Skull Teeth, which are obtained by reaching the highest Lum score on each level.


Mister Death is a skeleton-like creature, with an enormous skull, which is big enough to cover the dead door. He has several bandages on his head and a black eye, suggesting that possibly something or somebody hurt him and made him lose all of his teeth. He wears a brown robe and holds a scythe in his right hand.

Role in the games

Rayman Origins

Mister Death appears at the Snoring Tree's left corner, protecting the door that gives access to the Land of the Livid Dead, an optional level. When the heroes appear, he waves his scythe in a threatening manner, but shortly after they come close to him, he quickly runs and hides, covering the dead door with his big head. The heroes have to redeem him by collecting 10 Skull Teeth for his toothless mouth. When all of the Skull Teeth are collected and put on Mister Death's mouth, he drops his scythe, moves his arms happily, and lets the heroes pass. At this moment, if the heroes attack him, he will fall off the Snoring Tree; however, doing this is optional, as if they decide not to attack him, he will eventually leave the Snoring Tree voluntarily. After that, Mister Death is never seen again.

Rayman Jungle Run

Mister Death in the menu.
Hell yeah! You got ALL Death's Teeth!


In Rayman Jungle Run he will grant the player access to the Land of the Livid Dead once five of his teeth have been collected.