Livid Dead

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The Livid Dead couple from Rayman Origins.

The Livid Dead are a race of undead creatures who live in the subterranean Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman Origins.

At the beginning of the game, Rayman, Globox, the Grand Minimus, the Goth Teensie and the Bubble Dreamer are napping in the branches of the Snoring Tree. A microphone disguised as a flower conveys their snoring down, through the roots of the tree, to the underground depths of the Land of the Livid Dead. The noise greatly irritates the Livid Dead, including a zombie granny with a skeleton husband; she sends an entire army of Darktoons, Psychlops, Darkroots and other nightmarish creatures to invade the Glade of Dreams and bring an end to the heroes' snoring.

The Land of the Livid Dead acts as an optional final level in the game. Its entrance in the Snoring Tree is guarded by one of the Livid Dead: a skeleton known as Mister Death. In order to open the way, the heroes must collect all of the Skull Teeth littered throughout the game. When Mister Death receives them, he steps aside and allows the heroes to pass. Once there, the heroes encounter many grannies; here they act as simple enemies.

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