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Raymanian, also known as Wandayē, is the language used by the intelligent species of the Glade of Dreams. It was first identified in Rayman Revolution, where it can be chosen amongst other languages. In an official timeline made for Rayman's 20th anniversary, it was revealed that the name of the language is Wandayē. This does conflict with the name given in Rayman Revolution, which could indicate the language having two different names, perhaps one in English and the other one in the language, or one of them being incorrect. The latter is likely to be the reason, as there is other information of the timeline which is not correct. The name does however have some connections with Rayman 2, as that name can be heard during several occasions in the game, such as when Rayman is using the Rain Mask in Rayman Revolution. It has however not been confirmed if this is a coincidence or if it is the originally intended name.


In Rayman 2 the language seems to sound different with different species to fit their personality, such as Ly's sounding like echoing, Murphy's sounding like whispers and Razorbeard's sounding like an angry robot.

In Rayman 2

The language's only known appearance is in Rayman 2, except for the PlayStation version where it was replaced by real languages. In Rayman Revolution it can be chosen as a language in the options, where it was also expanded upon with new sounds, giving each cutscene and sentence spoken a unique sound.

In other games

The characters seem to speak it in Rayman M, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and the portable version of Rayman 3, although the language is never specified. It is however not spoken in Rayman 3 where the characters only speak real-world languages.

It is possible that the characters are speaking Raymanian in Rayman; Mr Dark's laugh is subtitled with the words ‘You're doomed, Rayman’, and Betilla's indistinct murmurings are also subtitled with various sentences.

Rayman also seems to be able to speak English, French, German, etc., as at the end of the DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 he is speaking to some humans.

In Rayman Origins, Raymanian is a combination of the English language and various word games. Most characters simply speak Pig Latin, but the Bubble Dreamer speaks Ubbi Dubbi, and the Electoons speak English. The game's dialogue is accompanied by full voice acting, rather than the limited number of mumbling sound clips that were reused frequently throughout Rayman 2.

In Rayman Legends, the Bubble Dreamer speaks English in the introductory cutscene. However, in game, he and all other characters have reverted to a similar sort of speech as in Rayman 2, where each character has their own distinct gibberish.

In Rayman Adventures, the Captain writes letters to the player which are written in the chosen in-game language, suggestion that the inhabitants of the glade have awareness of real-life languages as well.


In many locations throughout the Rayman series, strange letter-like engravings can be seen on the walls. These include the inside walls of the final level of Mr Dark's Dare in Rayman, the door to the Sanctuary of Water and Ice and a door inside the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava in Rayman 2, and the walls of the tunnels in the Desert of the Knaaren in Rayman 3, and the backgrounds of many levels in the portable version of Rayman 3. These engravings are curiously consistent throughout the series; as such, it has been speculated that they are Raymanian text.

Wall engravings in Candy Château.
Wall engravings in the Desert of the Knaaren.
Wall engravings in Scaleman's Keep.