The Chamber of the Teensies

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The Grand Minimus in the Chamber. The door leading to the four Sanctuaries can be clearly seen in the background.
Panic in the Chamber of the Teensies and the Fairy Council: Robot-Pirates from deep in space have arrived, determined to conquer and enslave their entire world.
—Manual, Rayman Revolution

The Chamber of the Teensies is a location from Rayman 2. It is not found in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 (in which its functions are essentially given to the Hall of Doors), and it is only mentioned in the manual of Rayman Revolution.


Rayman comes to the Chamber of the Teensies through a Spiral Door.

The Chamber of the Teensies is shown as a rectangular stone platform in an empty abyss. At one end, there is a Spiral Door which allows Rayman to enter the Chamber. Once there, Rayman meets the Grand Minimus, who give him instructions as to what to do next. At the far end of the Chamber, there is a stone door which, when Rayman has gathered enough Yellow Lums, can take him to the locations of the four masks. Rayman will visit the chamber a total of four times, it is visited in a cutscene at the beginning of each of the four levels containing the masks; however, it is skipped if Rayman has already played the level.

The Chamber of the Teensies is alluded to in Rayman 2's manual. A short story found within the manual which serves as the backdrop for the game states that the invasion of the Robo-Pirate army caused an outbreak of panic in both the Chamber of the Teensies and the Fairy Council. It seems that the Chamber serves as a base or meeting-place for the Teensies in the same manner that the Fairy Council appears to form the center of operations for the fairies. In fact, the Grand Minimus calls it ‘the Council Chamber of the Teensies’ when first welcoming Rayman there.

Stone door

Rayman approaches the door.

The previously mentioned stone door will unlock the following worlds, for the following minimum Yellow Lum totals:

World Lums
The Sanctuary of Water and Ice 100
The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire 300
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava 475
The Iron Mountains 550

In the PlayStation version

See also: Hall of Doors (PlayStation version)

While the Chamber of the Teensies does not feature in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2, the stone doors are still encountered within the Hall of Doors itself. Much like their counterparts, these doors will trigger a cutscene with Rayman talking with the Grand Minimus, they too have their own Yellow Lum requirements to open. However, unlike their counterparts, these doors do not block access to the worlds containing the Four Masks of Polokus, but rather the levels directly after them (with the exception of the first door, which blocks the entrance to the Marshes of Awakening. There is no door after the Gloomy Island). The levels and the Yellow Lum counts can be seen below:

World Lums
The Marshes of Awakening 50
The Menhir Hills 150
The Echoing Caves 400
Tomb of the Ancients 600