Blue Mountains

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Rayman has to move forward, avoiding rock avalanches and stone creatures. In these mountains, Rayman meets his musician friend whose guitar he helps to recover. The big boss to defeat is Mister Stone, a creature made of rock.
—Manual, Rayman
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
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The very first scenery of the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains (French: Les Montagnes BleuesThe Blue Mountains) is the third world in the original Rayman game. It consists of the levels Twilight Gulch, the Hard Rocks, and Mr Stone's Peaks. This world is a mountain range that Rayman must climb, facing chasms and abrupt slopes as he makes progress towards the highest peaks. There are many adverse and dangerous weather conditions present, with frequent floods and snow tempests. Rayman must be careful not to fall from the heights of those cliffs, coming into contact with spiked grounding, the flying picks and the giant spiky balls. In the Rayman Junior games, stone carvings of Rayman and Mr Stone can also be found in these inhospitable rocky labyrinths. A few giant flowers, bracket fungi growing off logs and gnarled trees show the scarcity of the vegetation up there, while the numerous lava rocks seem to indicate the presence of volcanic activity. Thanks to the Musician's Super helicopter potion, Rayman can fly temporarily through the narrow and spiky crevasses.

The big boss of the Blue Mountains, Mr Stone.
An early version of the loading screen image.

The enemies in the Blue Mountains include Antitoons, hunters, stone men, stone dogs and picks. The boss is Mr Stone, a giant rock creature. Rayman will meet him first in Twilight Gulch during a frantic chase, and eventually fight him in Mr Stone's Peaks.

During his trek in the Blue Mountains, Rayman will receive the power of running from Betilla the Fairy, at the end of Mr Stone's Peaks.

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