Boxing Ring

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Boxing Ring
Boxing Ring
Quest type

Spark quest

  • Turn on the spotlights
  • Defeat the boxing Magnafowl!
Sigh... NOTHING works around here. I can't film a movie in the dark!
—Movie director, Rayman in the Phantom Show

Boxing Ring is a Spark quest and a battle in Rayman in the Phantom Show, the third DLC of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

In the Backing Studio of the Space Opera Network, the heroes find a blue Spark who is overseeing the production of the movie Spit-Bucket Boy 3, involving a boxing ring and a Magnafowl.

In this quest, the heroes need to activate the lights to kickstart the filming of the movie. However, the Rabbid initially set to fight the Magnafowl becomes apprehensive about potential injuries, so the heroes step up to take on the Magnafowl themselves. After defeating it, they successfully complete the quest and are rewarded with a Gold Prism, but the Spark does not join them.


Boxing Ring
Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring

Party members

Defeat Magnafowls

Turn target


It sounds dangerous, buuuut the Spit-Bucket Boy franchise DOES have a lot of fans. Okay, let's do it!

The layout is random, and the enemies include three Magnafowls, four Stooges and two Medicians.

The battle is won once three Magnafowls have been defeated, regardless of whether the other enemies are still standing. A notable reward for completing this battle is a valuable Gold Prism.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Boxing Ring
Chinese (simplified) 拳击擂台
Chinese (traditional) 拳擊場
Dutch Boksring
French Ring de boxe
German Boxring
Italian Ring
Korean 복싱 경기장
Portuguese Ringue de boxe
Russian Боксёрский ринг
Spanish Cuadrilátero