Green Screen Scene

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Green Screen Scene
Green Screen Scene
Quest type

Side quest

  • Task Completed!

Green Screen Scene is a side quest in Rayman in the Phantom Show, the third DLC of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It is found in the southwest corner of the Backing Studio.

In order to complete this quest, the heroes must use jump tiles, Beep-0's Scan and Wave powers and manipulate the cranes in the middle of the set to reach an area where a treasure chest lies right next to the set where the Art at Stake side quest is found. Collecting the Planet Coin inside the chest will complete the quest.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Green Screen Scene
Chinese (simplified) 绿幕场景
Chinese (traditional) 綠幕場景
Dutch Greenscreenscène
French Scène sur fond vert
German Greenscreen-Szene
Italian Di fronte al green screen
Korean 크로마키 장면
Portuguese Cena de tela verde
Russian Зелёный экран
Spanish Escena con croma