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Official artwork depicting Rayman shooting a Shock Rocket, without the colours of the combat fatigue.
One of your fists turns into a torpedo. First, press the C Key or the Right

Mouse Button to arm it. Then press the Button again to launch it. Next, use the directional arrows or the left analog stick to direct it. This fist is very useful for reaching targets that are very far away.

—Manual (PC version), Rayman 3

The Shock Rocket is a temporary power used on several occasions by Rayman in Rayman 3, allowing him to fire and remotely control a missile connected to one of his fists.


The early design of the Shock Rocket combat fatigue.

It is provided by the orange cans of Laser-Washing Powder and allows Rayman to shoot a guided missile which can be used to defeat enemies and trigger mechanisms. It lasts 6 seconds, making it the second shortest Laser-Washing Powder power-up (shortest one being the Throttle Copter). Rayman first chooses the direction, then shoots the missile, which triggers the countdown as if he was not standing near the can any more. Then, the player has total control of the missile until either the effect of the can has worn off, or the missile collides with something and explodes. Using the missile in battle is effective and avoids direct combat, but may require being hidden in a place where Hoodlums cannot find or shoot at Rayman, as he is vulnerable to attacks when in control of the Shock Rocket.

When Rayman acquires this power, his hair, gloves, hood and base of shoes turn blue, while his body and shoes turn orange. His right hand has a launcher-glove with a big orange and blue missile attached to it. In a French and German advertisement for Rayman 3, Rayman can be seen using the Shock Rocket without changing his clothes.


  • A glitch including the Shock Rocket is triggered when the player enters the snapshot mode and fires the rocket. This allows the player to control the missile indefinitely and to pass through walls.
  • In the concept art shown above, the description notes it is for the Heavy Metal Fist power-up. Given visual evidence to the contrary, this wiki has opted to take this discrepancy as an error on the part of the publisher of its source.

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