The Medieval Set

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The Medieval Set
The Medieval Set
Quest type

Main quest

  • Reach the Medieval Set
  • Clear the path to the Dragon
  • Defeat the Dragon

The Medieval Set is one of the main quests in Rayman in the Phantom Show, the third DLC of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It takes place in the eponymous location, the Medieval Set.

It is where the Phantom is shooting "The Double Marriage of the Careless Shepherdess".

Reaching the dragon

To reach the dragon, which is covered in Darkmess, the heroes must first clear the path to it by collecting circle and square prisms to disintegrate the barriers. However, multiple enemies stalk the maze-like courtyard, so the heroes can either sneak past them using the various walls, or fight them head-on.

Castle Chaos

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Once the heroes clear the barriers, they must battle a Darkmess Puddle covering the dragon animatronic. First, the heroes must use a Bob-omb to destroy the Darkmess Gate, allowing them to progress.

The Dragon That Wasn't

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Now that the gate is open, the heroes must fight a Giant Flamin' Stooge in order to destroy the Darkmess Puddle and complete the quest.

Concept art

Names in other languages

Language Name
English The Medieval Set
Chinese (simplified) 中世纪片场
Chinese (traditional) 中世紀片場
Dutch De middeleeuwse set
French Le décor médiéval
German Das Mittelalter-Set
Italian Il set fantasy
Korean 중세 세트장
Portuguese O set medieval
Russian Павильон «средневековье»
Spanish El plató medieval