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The Space Opera Network is a movie studio directed by the Phantom, and the main setting of Rayman in the Phantom Show, the third DLC of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.


The Repository is a location which serves as an introductory level with where the player is familiarized with the mechanics of the game. This is where Rayman arrives at the Space Opera Network, having travelled using a shell.

Network Reception

The Network Reception is where Rayman meets Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Mario and Beep-0, and teams up with them after being ambushed by enemies. Shortly thereafter, the Phantom appears before them and the heroes agree to help him improve the ratings of his TV studio.

From this point onwards, Beep-0's Wave and Scan abilities become available, allowing the group to push large items, destroy cracked walls and reveal hidden objects. Rayman and the Rabbids are also provided with two Skill Prisms each, which they can use to unlock new abilities in their respective Skill Trees.

Main TV Studio

The Main TV Studio is a large room connected to the Network Reception, the Backing Studio, the Western Set, the Medieval Set and the Pirate Set.

Upon arriving, Rayman must use a jump tile and throw a charged fist at a square-shaped puzzle piece to grab it, allowing him to insert it into a switch and disintegrate a gate blocking the path to the next section of the room.

There, the heroes find a Teleport Flag, and the Salesbot 9.99+TX, who recognizes Rayman and asks for an autograph, claiming to be a "huge fan", and assuring him that he does not intend to sell it. He also pretends that he will not disclose anything about his shopping habits, no matter the price. Due to his mercantile nature, it is implied that he intends to do the very opposite.

Backing Studio

The Backing Studio is a large room filled with props from the Rayman series and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Much like the Main TV Studio, it features various sets showcasing characters from the main game. One of these sets is a boxing ring designed for a movie called Spit-Bucket Boy 3, directed by a Spark. Additionally, Madame Bwahstrella has her own set, complete with a Gateway Challenge for the heroes to participate in.

There, the heroes find a Teleport Flag, and the Salesbot 9.99+TX, who is located at the center of the studio. Exploring the Backing Studio is entirely optional, as there are no main quests located here. However, there is a Spark quest and four side quests available.

Western Set

The Western Set is a location which mimics the appearance of typical Western towns, complete with cardboard cutouts of bandits that Rayman can punch. A Teleport Flag can be found near the entrance.

The heroes are first tasked with eliminating all the bandit cardboard cutouts. After achieving this, they engage in a showdown with the bandit leader, Sydney Rabbidwhacker, and emerge victorious. Ratings for the Space Opera Network subsequently improve.

After completing the main quest, a Rabbid named Victor will appear at the entrance, offering a cardboard cutout punching challenge for the heroes. There is also a Squashette guarding a treasure chest containing the Operatic Blaster weapon skin for Rayman's Blaster.

Medieval Set

The Medieval Set is location mostly comprised of a labyrinth inhabited by roaming Flamin' Stooges, Oozers and Armored Goombas. Behind two gates stands a dragon prop.

There, the heroes find a Teleport Flag, and the Salesbot 9.99+TX.

The heroes are first tasked with navigating through this maze, requiring them to contend with various enemies and unlock two gates obstructing access to the dragon prop, surrounded by a Darkmess Puddle. Clearing this Darkmess Puddle involves two battles: one where the heroes infiltrate the castle and another where they confront the Giant Flamin' Stooge, who acts as the dragon. Once these battles are won, ratings for the Space Opera Network improve.

Pirate Set

The Pirate Set is a location which encompasses a beach, a town, a pirate ship, and even the formidable Kraken. The pirate ship boasts three cannons that can catapult the heroes to the pier, the town, and an island near the town. Bob-ombs and a Riptide wander the set. Water occupies a significant portion of the area, and jump tiles are scattered throughout to aid the heroes in getting around.

There, the heroes find a Teleport Flag, and the Salesbot 9.99+TX, who is located near the entrance.

The heroes are first tasked with removing the Darkmess Eyes that shroud the massive Kraken prop. However, their path is blocked by a Sea Stooge, whom they defeat in battle. Subsequently, the heroes explore the set, collecting Darkmess Eggs to toss at the Darkmess Eyes. Once all are destroyed, a Darkmess Puddle surfaces on the pirate ship. The heroes engage in a battle against the Kraken and successfully clear the threat. Ratings for the Space Opera Network subsequently improve.

Control Room

The Control Room is accessed from the Main TV Studio with a lift. It is only visited in the final cutscene, and cannot be explored. It is where the Phantom takes the heroes once they have completed all three main tasks, and subsequently reveals his duplicity, explaining that he had been plotting his revenge the entire time and only manipulated them into ridding the Space Opera Network of Darkmess. With the help of his newfound fame, as the studio is now number one in the galaxy, he intends to defeat the heroes as part of one last performance. He is nonetheless defeated again.

Concept art

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Space Opera Network
Chinese (simplified) 太空歌剧电视台
Chinese (traditional) 太空歌劇頻道
Dutch Ruimteoperanetwerk
French Studio Galactic-Opéra
German Weltraum-Oper-TV
Italian Opera Siderale TV
Korean 스페이스 오페라 네트워크
Portuguese Rede Espacial de Ópera
Russian Телекомпания «Космоопера»
Spanish Cadena Ópera Espacial