Couple Affinity

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Couple Affinity
Couple Affinity
Quest type

Side quest

  • Defeat the Darkmess Puddle!
A cursory analysis of this Darkmess Puddle reveals that skill and finesse will be more valuable than brawn. Rayman, why don't you take Rabbid Peach with you? You'll find her healing ability invaluable - perhaps even... romantic?
I wrote a screenplay for a rom-com starring you two. I'm hoping Space Opera Network execs see the battle and option it.

Couple Affinity is a side quest and a battle in Rayman in the Phantom Show, the third DLC of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It is found in the Medieval Set.

In order to complete this quest, the heroes must win the eponymous battle. They are then rewarded with a Planet Coin and a new skin for Rabbid Peach's Triple-Troll, the Buccaneer's Triple Troll.


Couple Affinity
Couple Affinity

Couple Affinity

Party members

Defeat all Armored Goombas!

Turn target


In this battle, the heroes are pit against nine Armored Goombas, four Flamin' Stooges and two Oozers.

The player can only use Rayman and Rabbid Peach in this battle. While this reduces the number of abilities that can be used in the battle, if Rabbid Peach has Selfie, the Self-Service Spark equipped, up to three heroes and their abilities can then be used thanks to this power to summon a clone of herself.

In order to complete the battle, the heroes must defeat all nine Armored Goombas on the map, irrespective of whether or not other enemies are also defeated.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Couple Affinity
Chinese (simplified) 心动指数
Chinese (traditional) 情投意合
Dutch Dubbele pret
French Couples & complicité
German Pärchenhaft
Italian Affinità di coppia
Korean 커플 친밀도
Portuguese Afinidade de casais
Russian Задача для двоих
Spanish Afinidad de parejas