Horrible Machine

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The Horrible Machine
Horrible Machine
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
Location Hoodlum Headquarters

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Resistance Unknown
Attacks Hoodmonger Officer shot, Hoodstormer dispatch, Hoodboom dispatch, Hoodmonger Soldier dispatch

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The Horrible Machine is a boss in Rayman 3. It is fought in the Hoodlum Headquarters, the eighth of the game's nine levels.


The Horrible Machine starts shooting shots from a Hoodmonger Officer's gun at Rayman. He must avoid them and charge his telescopic fist and then throw it to the aim signal in order to fill a temperature meter. When the meter is full, the Machine will be damaged. Then, two capsules will open and from them random Hoodlums will appear (they may be Hoodstormers, Hoodbooms or Hoodmonger Soldiers). When Rayman defeats the Hoodlums, he can return to attacking the Machine. This sequence must be repeated approximately five times to defeat the Horrible Machine; it then overheats and explodes, destroying the Hoodlum Headquarters in their entirety.