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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3, Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge
Location The Desert of the Knaaren, the Tower of the Leptys

Portrayed by Ziggy Marley

Resistance 90 HP[1] (first encounter)

100 HP[2] (second encounter, first phase)

100 HP[2] (second encounter, second phase)

One hit from the Shock Rocket (second encounter, third phase)

Unknown (second encounter, fourth phase)

Attacks Original form: firing energy orbs, radiating energy waves across the floor, energy tornado

Leptys-empowered form: firing energy orbs, summoning lightning strikes, summoning energy shield, slam with giant fist, swipe with giant fist, spawning explosive mines, energy blast while levitating, large energy orbs while flying, spawning Hoodmongers

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Species Knaaren

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Reflux is the Knaaren tribe's brutal enforcer; a seasoned pit fighter who takes on the Knaaren's prisoners in ritual combat. With 28 knockouts under his belt, Reflux is by far the toughest foe Rayman's ever faced – but not exactly the sharpest.
—Press release, Rayman 3 [3]

Reflux is a boss character in Rayman 3. A notable member of the Knaaren species, he is larger and stronger than any of his brethren, and can usually be found with his sceptre in hand.

In Rayman 3

You seem quite clever, stranger. That's good. I like clever people. Their brains are tastier.
—Reflux upon his first meeting with RaymanRayman 3
Along with André, Reflux is the big baddy in the game. So wait for the end, when they explain their Machiavellian plot.
—In-game description, Rayman 3

In Rayman 3, Reflux was looked upon as the most powerful of all Knaaren. Rayman is forced to confront Reflux in a mid-game battle in the Desert of the Knaaren, and defeats him, destroying his reputation as Knaaren Champion. From then on, he strives for revenge, power, and dominance. He carries a strong grudge and deep hatred against Rayman after losing his battle with him. He soon allies with André and the Hoodlums in hopes of achieving his goal of revenge. André goads him into stealing the Sceptre of the Leptys from his king, Gumsi, so that the two villains can gain the power of the Leptys and use it to defeat Rayman. At the end of the Tower of the Leptys, the game's final level, Reflux battles Rayman for a second and final time, and morphs through several physical forms using the power provided by the Sceptre, which he embeds into his in order to access its full power. André also seems to be inside of Reflux during the battle.

The Desert of the Knaaren


Whilst trying to reach Gonzo's office, Rayman and Globox must pass through the tunnels beneath the Desert of the Knaaren. Globox is quickly captured by the fierce beasts and Rayman explores the tunnels alone for a short while until he is captured too. However the Knaaren that corner him are quickly sent away by Reflux who announces to Rayman that he will be fighting in the arena. Rayman is caged and taken to the aforementioned arena where he finds Globox, also caged, with the Knaaren ruler Gumsi.

First battle - The arena

Rayman must now fight Reflux in the arena. Reflux uses several different moves such as a spinning-fire attack and the ability to call down meteors from the roof. However, he often needs to rest with only some fire balls to protect him giving the player the chance to attack. Sometimes he will fumble his staff. The player can hide on some frames at the side of the arena where Heavy Metal Fists can be found, but flying magma will attack if they remain there too long. When defeated, Reflux falls onto his face.

Stripped of his title

Now defeated, Reflux goes with Gumsi, Rayman, Globox and the other Knaaren to the Leptys where he is scolded by the king and watches Rayman receive a new power.

Turning to the Black Lums

André the Black Lum had silently listened to all this from within Globox's stomach. Once freed from his organic prison he gathered a small squad of Black Lums from the desert and announced that he knew someone who could help them. This someone was Reflux. André convinced the fallen champion to steal the Leptys in exchange for revenge against Rayman.

The Tower of the Leptys

Reflux and André succeeded in their mission of theft, and even the destruction of the Hoodlum Headquarters did not stop them. Reflux took for himself the Leptys' power which André began to use in order to mass-produce Black Lums. They then took refuge at the Tower of the Leptys. Rayman climbed to the top of the tower and confronted Reflux a second time.

Final battle - First phase

Reflux is seen almost the same as he had been before, though with slight mutations seen in his skin, now white with yellow spots in colour. He shields himself and throws lightning at Rayman. Rayman must use the LockJaw power-up to bring down the shield, and then the Heavy Metal Fist to deplete Reflux's health.

Second phase

Reflux lodges the Sceptre into his back (essentially making Reflux reliant on the Sceptre as an energy source) and grows far larger in size and becomes much more muscular. He raises the outside of the fighting area and Rayman must use the Heavy Metal Fist to reach the Sceptre on his back and cause damage to it.

Third phase

After the Sceptre has received thorough damage, Reflux utilizes more energy to levitate himself as well as the fighting area. Rayman must use the Throttle Copter to scale the levitating rock before it all vanishes and reach the Shock Rocket. With good aim, Rayman hits the Sceptre with a rocket and Reflux then enters his final and most powerful phase.

Fourth phase

Reflux then ascends into the sky into an area made of crystal, while Globox picks Rayman up to follow Reflux. As Globox flys the Armaguiddon he found in the last segment, Rayman fires a weapon with Reflux on their trail to try to, again, hit the Sceptre. Finally, Rayman had severely damaged the Sceptre, and Reflux, with no energy source left, falls to the ground, crystallizes, and shatters, releasing André.

In Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

In Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge, it is revealed that some fragment of André's spirit lingered on in Globox. As the game goes on, André's influence over Globox grows, making Globox nastier and more mean-spirited. At the end of the game, André finally succeeds in transforming Globox into a clone of Reflux, and fights Rayman in this cloned body. The André-controlled Reflux-clone Globox drinks plum juice to make himself more powerful. When Rayman defeats him, André's spirit flees and Globox reverts to his original form with no memory of the possession.


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