Master Kaag

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Master Kaag
Master Kaag
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
Location Clearleaf Forest

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Resistance 18 HP[1]
Attacks Jump

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Species Hoodlum

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An exceptionally gifted baby Hoodlum who transforms his toys into combat weapons. Here, we can admire what he's done to the frame of his swing. And while we're on the subject, please keep well away from areas near sandpits. The bomb disposal unit is still looking for five explosive pacifiers and three Molotov baby bottles.
—In-game description, Rayman 3
The Hoodstomper is masterful indeed; a simple yet smashing war machine controlled by a small Hoodlum atop two destuctive stomping legs. The Hoodlums are so thrilled with their precious powerhouse that they obsessively scrub it down in nearby ponds.
—Official description

Master Kaag is a Hoodlum who serves as the first boss fought in Rayman 3. He is fought in the Clearleaf Forest, the second of the game's nine levels. Master Kaag's name comes from the beta names of the Hoodlums, Kagoulards (hence Master Kaag).


Master Kaag is a legless baby Hoodlum, with the unique ability to transform his toys into combat weapons. He turned the frame of his swing into a huge bipedal stomping machine, known as the Hoodstomper,[2] which he controls with his strong arms. His battle strategy consists of stomping around Clearleaf Stadium after Rayman in an attempt to squash him. He can also stomp and deactivate the switches which Rayman must to hit three times for a Shock Rocket, and the Shock Rocket canister itself. If three of the five switches are activated, Rayman receives a Shock Rocket with which he may damage Master Kaag. The player is required to do this three times in order to defeat him (the third time, one Slapdash appears on each switch). Once the controlling Hoodlum has been taken out with Shock Rockets, he is defeated and turned into a Black Lum, and Rayman must now mount the stomping machine and use it to fight a small army of Hoodlums.

As of Rayman 3, the Hoodlum bomb disposal unit is still searching for five explosive pacifiers and three Molotov baby bottles which have been lost in Master Kaag's sandpits.


  1. Master Kaag takes exactly three Shock Rockets to defeat.
  2. The name comes from the official strategy guide of Rayman 3.