Moskito's Nest

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Moskito's Nest
Moskito's Nest
The Swamps of Forgetfulness Bongo Hills

Moskito's Nest (French: L'Antre de MoskitoThe Lair of Moskito) is the fourth and final level of the Dream Forest, the first world of the original Rayman game. It consists of six stages during the first playthrough, and only three during subsequent playthroughs, because two of them feature Moskito and the last one is the stage in which Betilla the Fairy grants Rayman the grappling fist power.

Part 1

Only two cages can be broken open on the first visit, as Rayman needs the grappling fist to reach the third one.

Bonus level

Part 2

Nenuphars in the PlayStation version.

This dodgy level requires Rayman to be quick in jumping from nenuphars, flower springs and other platforms, avoiding the many swinging spiky fruits.

Part 3

An incorrectly-coloured Moskito is pursuing Rayman with a huge spiky fruit.

Here, Rayman is chased by Moskito and must reach the end of the level before him. Once Moskito is beaten, this phase will not appear again when the player backtracks for the other cages.

Part 4

These gigantic trunks are very similar to tentacle-flowers.

This level is slightly different in the PC version and its ports, where giant trunks are found in the level. In the other versions, this is the only level along with part 6 of Bongo Hills and part 4 of Eat at Joe's to not have any cages, excluding the boss levels.

Part 5

The big boss of the Dream Forest, Moskito.

Rayman now has to battle Moskito. Once he is defeated, this part will be skipped when the level is replayed.

Part 6

Rayman is given his third power by Betilla the Fairy.

Betilla gives Rayman the power of the grappling fist, which will be useful for reaching some of the cages that Rayman could not get to before.

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