Flower tentacle

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Flower tentacle
Flower tentacle
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Designer
Location The Dream Forest

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Resistance 6 HP
Attacks Contact, Livingstone spit, Little Livingstone spit

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Flower tentacles are enemies in the original Rayman game and Rayman Designer which only appear in the Dream Forest.

They are resistant enemies who freely wander on their platform, turning backwards whenever they reach an obstacle. Contact with them hurts Rayman, and he must also avoid the Livingstones that they keep spitting.

Only one flower tentacle is encountered in the original game, in Moskito's Nest; however, more of them can be found in Rayman Designer where they appear as an enemy event in the Jungle world.


When punched, a flower tentacle normally spits out a Livingstone or Little Livingstone and continues to move. However, when a flower tentacle is punched in the mouth, it spits out Livingstones, loses some health and falls to the ground, stunned for a few seconds before rising up again. The more damage a flower tentacle takes, the more Livingstones it spits out at once. After being punched in the mouth six times, it is defeated.

Similar plants

In the PC, Game Boy Advance, DSi and iOS and Android versions of the game, Moskito's Nest features what seem to be enormous old tree-trunks in one level. They look curiously similar to flower tentacles. The level containing the boss fight itself also takes place upon a curious plant which evokes the flower tentacle.