Grappling fist

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Rayman is given his third power by Betilla the Fairy.
Great job, Rayman, but you'll be going through more perilous traps! I hope this will help you to avoid the worst...

Now you can grab things with your fist. To grab, use the □ button.

Betilla the Fairy in Moskito's NestRayman
Rayman swinging on a flying ring.

The grappling fist is the third power that Rayman is bestowed by Betilla the Fairy in the original Rayman game, at the end of Moskito's Nest. However, it is possible to get the helicopter before. It allows Rayman's fist to grab things such as extra lives and flying rings. In the Game Boy Color version of Rayman, Rayman is given this ability by the Tings at the end of Part 4 of Rocky Peaks.

Rayman loses the power in Rayman 2 but later reacquires it from Ly the Fairy. In Rayman 3, the grappling fist is replaced by the LockJaw power-up can of the Laser-Washing Powder.