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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman
Location Moskito's Nest in the Dream Forest

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Resistance 12 HP
Attacks Sting, spiky fruits

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Species Mosquito

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Moskito is a gigantic red mosquito and the first major boss in the original Rayman game. He is encountered only in Moskito's Nest, the final level of the Dream Forest.

When Moskito is first encountered, he chases Rayman with a giant spiky fruit. During the battle, he attacks Rayman by trying to poke him with his proboscis and uses spiky fruits of various sizes to attack. With precise timing, it is possible to hit him twice per turn, before he flies up and away after the first hit.

During Moskito's battle in the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions, and during both the chase and Moskito's battle in the Atari Jaguar version, Moskito is red-skinned with red wings, pink gloves, a grey proboscis, and grey stripes and shoes. But on both occasions in the PC version, and only during the chase in the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions, Moskito appears purple-skinned with white wings, white gloves, a yellow proboscis, and yellow stripes and shoes, like Bzzit.

It is thought that all instances in which Moskito shares Bzzit's colours are mistakes or problems arising from hardware limitations; Moskito's ‘true’ colour is believed to be red, not purple. The versions of the game in which Moskito appears to have Bzzit's colours have led to great confusion and debate amongst players regarding the identities of the two mosquitoes.

In Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, up to four friendly mosquitoes appear, and can be ridden by the player characters in the game's sidescrolling shooter levels. In this game, they are referred to as 'Moskitoes', probably as a reference to the boss from the original Rayman.


An incorrectly-coloured Moskito pursues Rayman with a huge spiky fruit.
An incorrectly-coloured Moskito in the PC/MS-DOS version.
A carving of a mosquito appears on a wooden palisade in English with Rayman. It is unknown if it represents Moskito or Bzzit.
In 2010, Moskito appeared on a variant cover of one issue of the French retro-gaming magazine Pix'n Love.