Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance prototype)

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The Rayman 3 prototype for the Game Boy Advance version is an early prototype which was discovered and dumped in 2020. It contains a debug menu and several cheats not present in the final game. The game has different level names shown both in the debug menu (which can also be found in the N-Gage files) and in-game.

Level names

Final Debug Menu Prototype
Wanderwood Forest WoodLight The Wood Light
Shining Glade FairyGlade Fairy Glade
Swamp of Bégoniax MarshAwakening #1 Marsh Awakening
Garish Gears Boss Machine Boss Machine
Hoodlum Hideout Sanctuary of Big Tree Sanctuary Of The Big Trees
Magma Mayhem Missile sur pattes #1 Missile Sur Pattes
Vertigo Wastes Echoing Caves The Echoeing Caves
Void of Bones Caves of Bad Dreams Cave Of Bad Dreams
Jano's Nest Boss Bad Dreams Boss Bad Dream
Prickly Passage Menhir Hill The Menhirs Hills
Swamp of Bégoniax 2 MarshAwakening #2 Marsh Of Awakening
River of Fire Sanctuary of Stone and Fire Sanctuary Stone And Fire
The Underlands Beneath The Sanctuary Beneath Sanctuary
Boulder Brink The Precipice The Precipice
Den of Rocky Boss Rock And Lava Boss : Rock And Lava
Wretched Ruins The Canopy The Canopy
Wicked Flow Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Sanctuary Rock And Lava
Creeping Chaos Tomb of the Ancients Tomb Of The Ancient
Scaleman's Keep Boss ScaleMan Boss : Clark
The Mettleworks Iron Mountains The Iron Mountains
Magma Mayhem 2 Missile sur pattes #2 Missile sur pattes
Razor Slide Pirate Ship The Pirate Ship
Heart of the Ancients Boss Final Boss Final
Mega Havoc 1 Bonus #1 Bonus #1
Mega Havoc 2 Bonus #2 Bonus #2
Mega Havoc 3 Bonus #3 Bonus #3
Mega Havoc 4 Bonus #4 Bonus #4
Lum Challenge 1000e lums 1000e lums
Ly's Punch Challenge 1 Challenge Ly #1 Challenge Ly #1
Ly's Punch Challenge 2 Challenge Ly #2 Challenge Ly #2
Ly's Punch Challenge 3 (only used on N-Gage) Challenge Ly GCN (N-Gage files only) N/A

Early assets

Level maps