The Heart of the World

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The Heart of the World, as seen in a chamber within the Fairy Council in Rayman 3.

The Heart of the World, also known as the Primordial Core, is a mystical object with a central position in the cosmology of the Glade of Dreams, the world in which the Rayman series takes place. The Heart is mentioned in Rayman 2 and Rayman Origins, though its only confirmed in-game appearance is in Rayman 3. Comprising one thousand Yellow Lums, the Heart is a glowing conglomeration of light whose energy sustains the harmony and balance of the Glade of Dreams. It was originally guarded by the First Grand Minimus, whose descendants took over the job when he died.

Prior to the events of the series

In Rayman 2, Rayman can unlock a number of cosmic secrets relating to the nature of his world by gathering the Yellow Lums. This information is collectively known as the Knowledge of the World. The Knowledge contains a number of statements relating to the Heart of the World. It says that the Yellow Lums are ‘the most important ones’, and that ‘one day, the Lums focused their energy into thought, and their consciousness brought to life a strange and marvellous creature: Polokus’. This shows that the Yellow Lums – which are synonymous with the Heart – had a significant hand in the birth of Polokus, the god who dreamt the Glade of Dreams into existence. In Rayman 3, Murfy states that ‘the Heart is where all the world’s energy comes from’ – if Lums are counted as ‘energy’, this implies that the Heart is wholly responsible for the creation of Polokus, and thus the entire universe. The Knowledge of the World also mentions that ‘the universe is made of energy’.

In Rayman 2

The destruction of the Heart of the World by the Robo-Pirates, as depicted in the manual for the Japanese version of Rayman Revolution.

At the beginning of Rayman 2, the Heart of the World is destroyed by the Robo-Pirates and their leader, Admiral Razorbeard. The 1000 Yellow Lums which formed the Heart (only 800 in the PlayStation version) are scattered about the Glade of Dreams. This cataclysmic event destroys the natural order, plunging the world into chaos and robbing Rayman and Ly the Fairy of their powers. The shattering of the Heart has serious negative repercussions for the Glade; dangerous creatures such as caterpillars, spiders, piranhas and Zombie Chickens begin to appear and multiply. Foutch, the Guardian of the third mask of Polokus, is driven insane. Over the course of the game, Rayman must gather the 1000 Yellow Lums, ultimately reconstructing the Heart and restoring the world's balance.

In Rayman 3

At the beginning of Rayman 3, André, the villainous leader of the Black Lums, infiltrates the Fairy Council. He wishes to reach the Heart of the World and convert its energy into an army of Hoodlums with which he can take over the Glade of Dreams. Globox puts a stop to André's plans by inadvertently swallowing him, thus putting the Heart out of immediate danger; for the remainder of the game, André pursues another power source, the Sceptre of the Leptys. While the appearance of the Heart is the same in the majority of the versions, in the GameCube version the colors are darker.

In the Game Boy Advance and mobile phone versions of Rayman 3, and Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

While the Heart does not play any direct role, the presence of a vast amount of Yellow Lums in the Glade of Dreams suggests that it had once again come under attack and was split apart prior to the events of these games.

In the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids

In the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, the Heart of the World is mentioned as the Primordial Heart. It is stated in the game manual that the Rabbids have blown it up into Yellow Lums that got scattered in the world.

Relationship with the Great Protoon

The Great Protoon, which appears in the original Rayman game, resembles the Heart of the World in both form and function, and may well be the Heart under another name.

In the original Rayman game, a mystical orb named the Great Protoon appears. Like the Heart of the World, it maintains the harmony and balance of the world. When it is stolen by the villainous Mr Dark, the world is plunged into chaos, and unpleasant creatures begin to appear and multiply. After this game, the Great Protoon is never mentioned, and its position in the story is subsequently filled by the Heart of the World. Since the Heart largely has the same function as the Protoon (and even resembles it in Rayman 3), it has been speculated that they are in fact the same object.

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