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"Foutch giving chase to Rayman"
Alignment Originally good; later bad

Appears in Rayman 2
Location Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, Ray-Type Challenge

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Resistance 30 HP

100 shots from the flying shell in Ray-Type Challenge

Attacks Vertical flame throw, horizontal flame throw, flame spin

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Well, I say that you are a thief! A thief and a liar, to boot! Prepare to die!
—Foutch, Rayman 2 (PlayStation version)

Foutch, also known as the Guardian of the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, is a boss character who appears in Rayman 2 and its remakes. He is the protector of the third mask of Polokus.


Foutch is a hovering, legless, yellow-coloured creature with a pyramidal head, which floats slightly apart from his body. His fists and chest are decorated with fiery insignia, and his arms appear to be made of a transparent, glassy substance. In the Dreamcast version, he glows with a blue aura; in the other versions, his head glows yellow, and the rest of him remains dull. Foutch is the Guardian of the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, a level themed around the classical element of fire. However, Foutch is only encountered in the next level, beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, where the third mask of Polokus is hidden. The benevolent god Polokus created Foutch and the other Guardians to watch over these masks. Once the four masks are reunited, Polokus can be reawakened, and can aid in Rayman's quest to defeat the Robo-Pirates. Foutch is the most aggressive of the four Guardians. In the PlayStation version of the game, the Grand Minimus reveals that Foutch has been driven insane by the destruction of the Heart of the World. He will no longer listen to reason, and believes Rayman to be a lying thief who has come to steal the mask for malevolent purposes. Ly the Fairy attempted to ‘contact his spirit’, but was unable to soothe him in the way she soothed Umber.

In Rayman 2

In each version of Rayman 2, Foutch plays the same role (with the exception of Rayman 2 Forever, in which the Guardians are all omitted). Foutch appears near the end of beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. Catching Rayman by surprise, he punches the hero, causing him to tumble into Foutch's magma-filled arena, permanently stripping him of his new super helicopter power in the progress. The fight begins. In the PlayStation version, Rayman unsuccessfully attempts to reason with the Guardian first. Throughout the fight, Foutch chases Rayman around his circular arena while hurling horizontal and vertical beams of fire at him. In order to defeat him, Rayman must use spider-webs to bounce himself high in the air, then use his magic fist to strike down overhanging stalactites. If a stalactite lands on Foutch's head, he is injured; this is quite similar to the method by which Rayman defeated the first Guardian, Axel, except that Foutch requires three hits rather than one. Each stalactite will inflict 13 damage upon him, out of his resistance of 30. When defeated, he explodes, releasing a number of Red Lums, as well as Purple Lums which can be used escape the arena and find the third mask. It is not clear if Foutch was destroyed or not; in the PlayStation version, he and Axel can be re-fought an unlimited number of times, but in the other versions they never appear again after they have been defeated.

In Rayman Revolution

Foutch makes an appearance in the Ray-Type Challenge in Rayman Revolution.

Rayman Revolution contains an additional minigame entitled Ray-Type Challenge, which is based on the Menezis minigame from the PC and Dreamcast versions of the game. Ray-Type Challenge is a sidescrolling shooter game. The player controls Rayman, who sits astride a flying shell which is flying through space. He must overcome numerous obstacles, including piranhas, bats, Robo-Pirate projectiles and Boss Chenilles, either by shooting them or manoeuvring around them. As the minigame progresses, Rayman eventually encounters Foutch, who is its most powerful opponent. Once Rayman defeats him, he explodes, and the minigame continues as normal; it runs on indefinitely until Rayman loses his three lives, allowing Foutch to be encountered an unlimited number of times.