El Luchador

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El Luchador
El Luchador
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends
Location Wrestling with a Giant!

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Resistance 3 HP
Attacks Punching, swiping, summoning fire

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Species Luchador

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El Luchador[1] is the third boss of Rayman Legends and the boss of the Fiesta de los Muertos. It is a larger version of the Luchadores from the previous level. He appeared to be a champion of his arena, until Rayman and friends seized the title, not unlike Reflux the Knaaren from Rayman 3.

Artwork featuring El Luchador.


He resembles a giant, gray version of the Luchadores. He has several accessories on him, such as a belt with a large "K" emblazoned on it, a ring on his finger that also has a "K" on it, and a tattoo on his left arm that spells out "King". He is the only boss that does not require the Blue Punches to defeat.