Outta My Way

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Outta My Way
Outta My Way
Golly G. Golem Up And Down
World Ticklish Temples

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
RO-Electoon.png #3
RO-Electoon.png #4
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #5
300 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #6
1:20 Time

350 Lums
0:51 Time

Outta My Way is the first level of the Ticklish Temples, a world in Rayman Origins. This marks the return of the Jibberish Jungle like environment, as Rayman and his friends begin their search for one of the Four Kings, Carnivora. This is the first level from this world and nineteenth overall that's not included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.

Area 1

From the start of the level, the team will need to safely perform jumps on the short platforms, while destroying Lividstones. The first secret area can be found by body slamming on a flower bulb to a vine where the door is close by. Continuing on, if the player drops down to a platform where there are foreground vines, the first Skull Coin can be collected. The second Skull Coin can be acquired if the player performs the wall run ability on a tall platform. As the team moves on to the exit, they will encounter enemies from the Sea of Serendipity; the Blowfish and two spiky fishes.

Secret area 1

The first secret area.

The players can destroy the three Lividstones on the bottom in two ways; one is to manually defeat them, and the other is to hit the red flower bombs to make geysers appear to send two of the three Lividstones to where the bullets' path is. Either way, the geyser on the right will need to be used to get to a platform where two more Lividstones are at as well as the Electoon cage.

Area 2

A nearby hunter begins to shoot red bullets that follow the heroes until they come into contact with either water or something solid. A temporary power can be collected if the team drops down to the left of the water, the Blue Punch which will shoot at long distances. The third Skull Coin can be collected through gliding to it while getting a running start. In order to get to the exit, the team needs to safely jump onto the end of the incoming bullets.

Area 3

Another hunter starts shooting hominh red bullets at the players from above. The first one is next to the fourth Skull Coin of the level. Next to another hunter is a wooden barricade; smashing it will lead the players to the second secret area. After that, the team can gather the fifth Skull Coin if one body slams on a flower bulb past the spiky flowers. The exit is not too far away.

Secret area 2

The second secret area.

Rayman and his friends need to get to the large quantity of Lividstones without getting hit from the spiky flowers. Once the Lividstones are defeated, the team will need to hit the bulb on the left to make the spiky flowers that are around the cage disappear into the bulb.

Area 4

The platforms will begin to collapse, so Rayman and the team needs to hurry before the platforms sink all the way down. If the players are quick enough, they can reach the sixth Skull Coin. At the end, the players have to destroy a Lividstone and a hunter in order to break open the Electoon cage to end the level. Then the team poses on the photoboard as the Magician waits for the amount of Lums that were collected.

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