Polar Pursuit

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Polar Pursuit
Polar Pursuit
Shooting Me Softly Dashing Thru the Snow
World Gourmand Land

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
RO-Electoon.png #3
RO-Electoon.png #4
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #5
300 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #6
1:50 Time

350 Lums
1:26 Time

Polar Pursuit is the first level of the Gourmand Land, the third world in Rayman Origins. In this beginning level of this world, Rayman and his team slide on slippery icy platforms while avoiding red water infested with Baby Piranhas. They also meet the third nymph, Edith Up. This is the first level from this world and tenth overall that's not included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.

Area 1

Rayman and his team start out by sliding on curvy icy platforms, some collapse on themselves into the safe water. As the team continues, they have to swim on a long body of water, with eleven Darktoons flying towards them. If the players bounce off on all eleven without falling into the water, they unlock the trophy/achievement, Boing! Boing! Boing!. The first Skull Coin can be collected by bouncing off the eighth Darktoon and gliding to the coin. Eventually, the team aids the help of a creature to get to the exit.

Area 2

The team continues on for a while by sliding on more icy platforms. Then they come across red bodies of water that contain hungry Baby Piranhas. It can be very difficult to escape the Baby Piranhas if the players fall in. They will have to cross the red water by using creatures including forks with lemons attached. After that, the heroes can get to the exit by quickly moving on icy platforms that will crush the players if they stand still for too long. The second Skull Coin of the level, is right above the exit. The players can perform a walljump to get it.

Area 3

Upon entry, Rayman and his friends encounter the third nymph, Edith Up. Like the previous two, she is held captive by a Darktoon. The Darktoon spots the heroes and runs away, so the team needs to chase it down through the icy area, avoiding more bodies of red water infested with Baby Piranhas, and jumping off collapsing platforms. The third Skull Coin can be collected by taking the higher path at the beginning part of the area. The fourth Skull Coin is found close to a Lum King at a lower level platform next to red water. After a while of chasing, the players can destroy the Darktoon and gain a new power from Edith Up, the power to change size. The fifth Skull Coin is hiding behind a foreground icy glacier. The players can now use the new power to reach the exit.

Area 4

Right when Rayman and his friends enter, an Electoon cries for help. The first secret area can be found by performing a walljump right at the beginning of the area. Once the team completes that, they can move on, using the shrink power to get through tight platforms. The sixth Skull Coin can be collected by touching a hairy sunglasses wearing creature. The coin will be in a bubble, and moving slowly towards the Baby Piranha filled red water, so the players must be quick to get it. The players can use a funnel to change back to normal size and continue on to the exit.

Secret area 1

The five Darktoons in the secret area.

The team has to destroy five Darktoons around the Electoon cage, using limes to get up to higher levels. Once the five are defeated, the cage can be broken open.

Area 5

The seventh Skull Coin.

Immediately the heroes will shrink back by using another funnel. The seventh and difficult to get Skull Coin is located between several spiky fruits. The players have to perform a walljump and carefully use the glide power to get the coin while avoiding said spiky fruits. After that, the team can move on while still shrunk. The second secret area can be found by dropping down a few platforms, avoiding spiky fruits along the way. When that's done, the heroes can climb back up and continue to advance to the nearby exit, still shrunken down.

Secret area 2

The second secret area.

The players grow back to normal size upon entry. They must destroy the Darktoons bouncing up and down on lemons that are attached to sensitive to touch forks. Once all are destroyed, the cage can be broken.

Area 6

The sixth and final area.

All the heroes have to do is destroy the Darktoons hovering around the Electoon cage. Once done, the cage can be broken open to end the level. Then the team poses on the photoboard as the Magician waits for the total amount of Lums that were collected.

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