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The Ghost Mode in Rayman Origins.

Ghost Mode is a gameplay feature exclusive to the PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Origins. It was designed to compensate for this version's lack of co-operative multiplayer. This mode works similarly with the game's time trials with the main differences being that almost all hazards and enemies were removed from the levels and that the Ghost Mode is only played in a fragment of the entire level map. These differences make the Ghost Mode challenges consequently easier than the original time trials.

In Ghost Mode, the player can race against an official Ubisoft 'ghost' to beat their time. Afterwards, the player can play against their own 'ghost' – copies of themselves moving through the level that were recorded while playing earlier. Similar gameplay features have long appeared in racing games such as Gran Turismo. Ghost records could be sent to other nearby PlayStation Vita player that owns a Rayman Origins copy through the Gifts menu to play against it and compare rankings. This feature has since been discontinued.

List of available levels in Ghost Mode

World Level Official ghost time
Jibberish Jungle/Ticklish Temples Go With The Flow 00:57:24
Jibberish Jungle/Ticklish Temples Swinging Caves 00:51:38
Jibberish Jungle/Ticklish Temples Climb Out 01:20:88
Desert of Dijiridoos/Grumbling Grottos Crazy Bouncing 00:51:66
Desert of Dijiridoos/Grumbling Grottos Best Original Score 01:06:46
Desert of Dijiridoos/Grumbling Grottos Tricky Winds 01:04:19
Gourmand Land/Luscious Lakes Polar Pursuit 00:56:01
Gourmand Land/Luscious Lakes Piping Hot! 01:09:06
Gourmand Land/Luscious Lakes My Heartburn's for You 00:53:98
Sea of Serendipity/Angsty Abyss Swimming with Stars 00:51:59
Sea of Serendipity/Angsty Abyss Freaking Flipper 01:06:63
Sea of Serendipity/Angsty Abyss Why So Crabby? 01:18:56
Mystical Pique/Moody Clouds Moseying the Mountain 00:44:56
Mystical Pique/Moody Clouds Mystical Munkeys 01:04:86
Mystical Pique/Moody Clouds Mecha No Mistake! 00:56:94