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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer, Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
Location Candy Château, Gourmand Land, Luscious Lakes[1], Fiesta De Los Muertos

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Charging when the heroes are detected by the red laser, contact[2] (Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends)

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Species Utensil

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Forks are enemies which appear in the original Rayman game, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

In the original Rayman game, forks only appear in the Atari Jaguar version. Only the top part of the fork can hurt Rayman.

In Rayman Designer

In Rayman Designer, forks appear as enemy events in Candy Château.

In Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends

A fork, as it appears in Rayman Legends.

Forks are utensil enemies in the Infernal Kitchen, an area of the Gourmand Land, together with knives and spoons. They will attack the player if they pass through the red laser. They can't be defeated and have to be avoided. These creatures appear in Piping Hot!, Aim for the Eel and Dragon Soup.

The forks also appear in Spoiled Rotten from Fiesta de los Muertos, along with the knives. Here, their handles are now brown, and they don't have eyes. They appear sticking out of food, and can only hurt the player through direct contact.


  1. Forks don't appear in the Frosty Delights part of the Gourmand Land. They appear only in the Infernal Kitchen.
  2. The contact attack can happen only if the player is standing in the area where the fork will charge.