Space Mama

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Space Mama
Space Mama Space Mama
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman
Location Picture City

Portrayed by Emmanuelle Cosso

Resistance 6 HP (Eraser Plains) 12 HP (Space Mama's Crater)
Attacks Flying knives, washing machine, energy projectiles, pressure cookers

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This is the world of images, and also the world of mirages: passing across the stage of a small theatre, Rayman can find on his path beings straight from a pirate or a science fiction film. In particular, he meets Mama, an impressive shrew armed with a bizarre rolling pin...
—Manual, Rayman

Space Mama, also known as Pirate Mama[1] or simply Mama, is the large, blonde-haired woman who serves as the fourth boss in the original Rayman game. She is the boss of Picture City the fourth of the game's six worlds, and she is fought in the levels Eraser Plains and Space Mama's Crater. She was at one point in her life captured by an ancestor of Count Razoff (most likely his father Zaroff), in order to perpetuate his family's great hunting tradition.

Space Mama forms part of the second (her first form's head and rolling pin) and the final (her second form's torso) boss hybrids fought at the end of Mr Dark's Dare in the original game.

In Rayman

Eraser Plains

She is first encountered at the end of Eraser Plains, on a theatre scene with a seaside décor, where she fights Rayman in a stereotypical Viking getup, wearing a historically inaccurate horned helmet. She arrives from the cannon of the fake drakkar, after he has defeated her two cabin boys.

Her main attack consists of throwing knives at Rayman from her rolling pin. Those knives either stick into the floor, and can be used to bounce on them and punch Space Mama in the face, before they start moving again and leave the scene, or keep spinning in the air, and fall in Rayman's direction, one after the other.

Space Mama's Crater

The second and final encounter with Space Mama also takes place on a stage, but with a space background to reflect the space thematic Space Mama is employing. She will enter the stage via a flying washing machine, which can deal damage to Rayman should he come into contact with it while it is in flight.

Space Mama's first attack consists of shooting lasers from her rolling pin, Rayman will need to punch her in the face until she flies away. She will then try to land on him, which would cause damage, before continuing to shoot more lasers.

When sufficiently damaged, Space Mama will start whirling across the stage and drop pressure cookers behind her. These cookers will explode in two parts, the lid, and the pot, these parts will then be launched in opposing directions, and can damage Rayman if he comes into contact with them. Thus, Rayman must find an open spot that will prevent him from making contact.

After this, she tries to land on Rayman once more, and then hides behind her washing machine and fires lasers at him. Rayman has to punch the machine until all the lights on the dial have turned on, and then the machine will start bouncing towards him and leave the area.

During the final part of the battle, she will alternate between dropping pressure cookers and shooting lasers at Rayman until he defeats her. In the PC version of the game, she begins to dance after her defeat; Mr Sax, Mr Stone and Mr Skops do this when they are defeated, in all versions of the game.


Space Mama on holiday after the events of the game.

After Mr Dark's hybrids, or transformations of himself, have all been defeated, Rayman rescues Betilla the Fairy, recovers the Great Protoon and restores peace to the valley. Most of the creatures and characters under Mr Dark's dominion repent; many of them then go on holiday to celebrate, including Space Mama. During the end credits, several photographs of characters on holiday are shown. Amongst them is a picture of Space Mama on a beach, clutching a towel to herself and looking shocked; apparently the Photographer had tried to take a picture of her while she was sunbathing. This picture was removed from some releases of the game, perhaps because it was deemed inappropriate for a children's game.

In Rayman 3

No reference to Space Mama is made in the game itself, however, official material states that she was once captured by one of Count Razoff's ancestors.


  • In the game files she is referred to as "meredenis". This is likely a reference to Mère Denis, a French woman who would appear in commercials for washing machines. Similarly a minigame in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 where the player washes clothes has the same name in the files.


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