Mr Stone

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Mr Stone
Mr Stone
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman
Location Blue Mountains

Portrayed by Chris Bénard

Resistance 8 HP (PS, Saturn, PC), 7 HP (Jaguar)
Attacks Stomp, boulder fall, boulder throw, stone dogs call, flames

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Mr Stone is a giant rock creature and the third major boss in the original Rayman game. His domain is the Blue Mountains, and Rayman's final battle with him takes place in Mr Stone's Peaks.

In Rayman

Twilight Gulch

Rayman is pursued by Mr Stone in Twilight Gulch.

Mr Stone is first encountered here, where he will chase Rayman twice through the level. He eventually leaves the place when Rayman takes shelter in a rocky cavern that he cannot access.

Mr Stone's Peaks

Mr Stone trying to stomp Rayman.

The final battle takes place in Mr Stone's Peaks, in an area with a giant stone head. A Big Power is available, making the battle easier. Although Mr Stone often tries to stomp Rayman, his main attack involves hitting the ground, causing huge boulders which burst like lava balls to fall on Rayman. He can also catch them before they touch the ground, and throw them at him, letting them rebound all over the battle area. At the beginning of the battle, if Rayman is quick enough, he can punch the boulder from Mr Stone's hands and climb on it to reach and punch the giant stone head of the totem pole – the only way to hurt Mr Stone.

Mr Stone can also fire one (by hitting the ground) or two flames at Rayman. When he fires only one, it does also create a pierced cloud which allows Rayman to reach the stone head and thus hurt Mr Stone.

He can also whistle and call stone dogs which attack Rayman as well. These are weaker than normal.

Once beaten, his head is replaced by the giant stone head used to crush him, and he starts dancing clumsily.

Other appearances

A stone carving of both Rayman and Mr Stone, as seen in Rayman Junior and English with Rayman.

Mr Stone makes a cameo appearance as a stone carving in Rayman Junior and English with Rayman.