Space Mama's Crater

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Space Mama's Crater
Space Mama's Crater
Pencil Pentathlon Crystal Palace

Space Mama's Crater (French: Le Cratère de Space MamaThe Crater of Space Mama) is the third and final level of Picture City, the fourth world of the original Rayman game. It consists of four parts the first time it is played, and only three during subsequent visits, as Rayman once again battles Space Mama in the final part.

Part 1

This is a very typical Picture City level, with many secondary pathways. It is known to be the only one with two exit signs, along with the first part of the Hard Rocks. In the PlayStation version, there was a rainbow in the heavenly background fitting the heavenly music playing.

Part 2

The level starts with a lot of flying rings floating above the void, which Rayman must use to reach the upper platforms. In Rayman Advance the platform a the beginning of the level has been extended, to prevent him from falling into the void if he makes a mistake. This has presumably been done to decrease the map's difficulty.

Bonus level

Part 3

The PC version features additional wooden platforms

This very difficult part that requires perfect timing, as Rayman must jump onto floating pencil sharpeners and avoid the drawing pins that stand in his way. The background music is dark and evokes an atmosphere of despair. In most versions, the background is a desk, but in the Sega Saturn version, it is the crater-filled, nebulous background seen in Part 4.

Part 4

The final battle against Space Mama

Rayman has to fight Space Mama for the second and final time. Once completed, this part cannot be replayed.

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