Dark Legacy

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Dark Legacy
Dark Legacy
Arcane Forest Time Attack

Cages 0 Lives 2

Dark Legacy (referred to as Dark Legacy Extra in-game) is the bonus world from the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Once every cage has been broken the levels will, one by one, unlock on the far-right side of the world map. These levels don't contain any cages and were intentionally designed to be more difficult than the rest of the game. Once every level has been completed, the player will unlock the Time Attack map, which gives them the option to replay previous bonus levels and thus earn more lives.

The level appears to take place inside a cave, where there is some organic life such as spikes and grass. It does not appear to be based specifically on any area from the original game.

Part 1

This level has some tight platforming with spikes and other obstacles all over the place. The second half of the level has Rayman riding on small platforms while avoiding the many spikes.

Starting on a grassy ledge, Rayman slides down a slope and jumps to a flying ring, before landing on another grassy ledge. From here, he makes his way up and along more ledges, vines, and slippery slopes, avoiding spikes and spiky balls. Eventually, he drops down and must use a falling platform to reach a flying ring, from which he swings past a scared platform and grabs a Ting above, which will cause the platform to vanish and allow Rayman to access the cavern below.

From the vine on which he lands, Rayman must jump to a scared platform and ride it right, jumping and using his helicopter to avoid spikes. At one point, he will pass a life on his left. Eventually, he rides more scared platforms upwards, avoiding spiky balls that drop on him as he does. This leads him to a ledge, at the far left of which he can attain a golden fist.

Rayman then rides a scared platform up and right before jumping to a vine. There will be two paths open to him here, one above, blocked by spiky balls, and another below. He must take the path below to remove the spiky balls, and then take the now cleared upper path. He then navigates slippery surfaces, falling platforms and flying rings downward and then left, eventually reaching two grassy ledges, one below and one above that seems to lead to a dead end. However, jumping on the lower platform will cause the level's exit to appear above.

Part 2

Although more open in design, this level has Rayman riding on small platforms, avoiding obstacles and having to swing on rings, which sometimes move.

The level starts with Rayman falling between some spikes, chased by a spiky ball. He lands on a slippery slope which he must slide down right, ducking to avoid some ceiling spikes, jump across a floor of spikes to a smaller slippery platform, then turn around and grab a flying ring above him to the left. He must then swing to a falling platform, and then jump right to a grassy ledge above which swings a large spiky ball. Avoiding this, he must jump right to another slippery ledge and then a scared platform, which he rides around a number of spikes, jumping to another at the bottom right of the platform's run.

He rides this new platform up, jumps to a slippery ledge to the right, and slides along, avoiding spiky balls as he goes. At the end, he rides a flying ring downwards and jumps to a grassy ledge to the left. After jumping a number of spikes and fire spitters, he falls down again and makes his way right until he comes to a bat flying ring, which takes him upwards. He then uses ledges and flying rings to travel right, avoiding spikes and fire spitters, then rides one downwards and continues left past a large, swinging spiky ball.

He will then encounter another, smaller swinging spiky ball which he must avoid and grab a flying ring in the same jump. Further left, there will be a flying ring behind a large spiky ball, meaning that Rayman must activate the spiky ball and grab the ring with one shot. He must continue left, avoiding the usual objects and even swinging around a spiky ball on a flying ring. Eventually, he lands safely on a grassy ledge and finds a blowing object from Ancient Forest, which he uses to reach a ledge above, avoiding a spiky ball as he goes, to access the level's exit.

Part 3

This level contains more enemies and slippery surfaces.

Rayman must navigate a number of ledges above him, tackling a couple of bats as he goes. This done, a falling platform will appear to the right of the lowest ledge, which he must jump to and travel to the right, making jumps and avoiding spikes. Eventually, the path turns to the left and he will slide along a very long slippery platform, eventually making a long jump to reach a ledge at the far left, from which he will take a bat flying ring upwards, jump to a scared platform, and ride it right.

This takes him to a slippery slope which he rides right, navigating ledges, flying rings, and eventually another scared platform which he takes upwards. Whilst navigating some vines left and then up, he will find himself chased by spiky balls, and eventually escape to the right down another slippery slope.

This leads him right, across more ledges and falling platforms, to eventually drop down at the far right, slide down a number of slopes, and climb some falling platforms to the level's exit.

Part 4

This level has Rayman using the super helicopter power to move between small passages of spikes, while finding the triggers to open up new passages.

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