Dark Legacy

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Dark Legacy
Dark Legacy
Arcane Forest Time Attack

Cages 0 Lives ?

Dark Legacy is the bonus world from Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Once every cage has been broken the levels will, one by one, unlock on the far right side of the world map. These levels don't contain any cage and were intentionally designed to be more difficult than the rest of the game. Once every level has been completed the player will unlock the Time Attack map which gives them the option to replay previous bonus levels and thus earn more lives.

Part 1

This level has some tight platforming with spikes and other obstacles all over the place. The second half of the level has Rayman riding on small platforms while avoiding the many spikes.

Part 2

Although more open in design, this levels has Rayman riding on small platforms, avoiding obstacles and having to swing on rings, which sometimes move.

Part 3

This level contains more enemies and slippery surfaces.

Part 4

This level has Rayman using the super helicopter power to move between small passages of spikes, while finding the triggers to open up new passages.

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