Arcane Forest

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Arcane Forest
Arcane Forest
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Arcane Forest is the seventh and final world before the final battle with Mr Dark in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Its appearance is partly influenced by the Dream Forest in the original game, but more heavily influenced by the environments of Rayman 2. It is a dark forest full of spikes, slippery logs, and red spiky balls that pop out of the ground to hurt Rayman. There are four parts. The first two are normal and straightforward. The later two contain challenges that Mr Dark sets before him. At the very end, Rayman faces the main antagonist of the game.

Part 1

There are two cages, two lives and a bonus level to found in this level.

Part 2

There are two cages to be found in this level.

Part 3

Discovery of Bad Rayman

This level has Bad Rayman chasing and copying Rayman's every move, like in the original game. If Rayman touches him it leads to an instant death. However, unlike the original game, it is possibly to kill him. It involves flying over a bed of spikes in a certain way. There are no cages or lives in this level.

Part 4

Rayman's movements become mirrored

Akin to the original game, this level has the directional controls being reversed. Left is right, and vice-versa. The red spiky ball enemy appears only in this stage (as well as in the Dark Legacy levels). There is one cage, two lives and a bonus level to be found in this level.

Final battle

Mr Dark appearing before Rayman

In the last part, Rayman finally reaches Mr Dark and has to defeat him. This level can not be replayed once it is finished.

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  • The music is an edited version of that of the late trailers of Rayman 2 and also one of the tracks of music that would sometimes play when Rayman rides a flying keg in that game, first heard in the Echoing Caves.

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