Fiery Depths

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Fiery Depths
Fiery Depths
Ancient Forest Arcane Forest

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Fiery Depths is the sixth world in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Its appearance was influenced by the fifth world of the original version, the Caves of Skops.

Part 1

There are two cages and one life to found in this level.

Rayman begins on a ledge above a pool of lava, before him is a higher ledge with a point that shoots fire at him. He must jump up and left across another few ledges, avoiding fire balls as he goes. Eventually, he finds a spiky ball that he must punch to activate, and beyond to the right he finds a new kind of flying ring that resembles a bat. He must grab it as it drops down and then ride it upwards, jumping and using his helicopter to reach a ledge to the left when the ring reaches its peak.

Continuing on, he climbs a vine, and then jumps over two small ledges to the right that have bats flying around them. Reaching a larger ledge, he must avoid a fire ball and then grab a flying ring which will let him reach a ledge to his left. From there, he can either continue left to another flying ring and a life, or continue right, avoiding more fire as he goes.

Eventually he finds two vines with a bat, he must drop down to his left and then make his way down and right, crossing some flying rings and coming to another large ledge with a fire ball bouncing around on it. Using the flying ring below this ledge will bring him to the first cage.

To the right of the large ledge he must jump over two falling platforms. If he rides the second one down he can reach the second cage. To the far right, he must ride another bat flying ring upwards, and then use vines, platforms and flying rings to reach a ledge at the top. Walking left, across more ledges and flying ring, avoiding more fire and spiky balls, he takes a right, and finally comes to the level's exit.

Part 2

There are two cages and a bonus level to found in this level.

Starting on yet another ledge, Rayman goes left and then up to the right, making jumps and avoiding fire and bats as he does. Eventually coming to a set of three vines, he must jump across them, avoiding a swinging spiky ball, to reach a small ledge on the right. He can either make jumps over spikes and spiky balls, or simply use some flying rings above to soar over them all.

At the end of this trail, the path turns left and down, eventually flattening out where Rayman will need to swing across more flying rings. At the end of this, he must helicopter over some spikes and then drop down, landing on a ledge. He then drops down to a lower ledge and can either jump left to the bonus level or continue right.

He must walk along a long ledge, avoiding fire, until jumping across two ledges that all have spiky balls levitating above them. This done, he reaches a series of small ledges with a swinging spiky ball among them, which must be activated and then avoided. He takes a flying ring to the left and then jumps up to the right, activating and avoiding another swinging spiky ball as he goes.

Continuing right, using bat flying rings, Rayman swings over some spikes at the far right and reaches two platforms. He can ride the lower one down to reach a cage, or ride the higher one up to a ledge, on which he must walk left. After using flying rings, falling platforms, and avoiding spiky balls, he will come to the level's exit.

Part 3

This level has lava rising from the bottom. There is one cage to be found in this level.

Rayman must outrun the rising lava by jumping across several ledges and using a flying ring to the right. Eventually, his route will go left slightly and he will make several jumps and swings in the centre until he reaches the far right. Making his way left, he will be able to follow some Tings to the far left where he will find the level's cage. The lava will, handily, stop rising whilst he breaks it.

Rayman continues up to the right, and then left using flying rings. He then follows a series of ledges slightly right, and then left again to the level's end.

Part 4

This level has Rayman using his super helicopter power to fly infinitely. There is one cage, three lives and a bonus level to found in this level.

Rayman flies upwards to the top of the chasm he is in, where he finds a swinging spiky ball that he must punch to activate. On the other side, he must hover downwards and then upwards again through a passage of spikes, where he will be chased by several spiky balls until he reaches the top of the cave. From here he goes right, chased by more spiky balls, until he can land on a ledge in the middle of a sea of spikes. If he then goes back right, the way he has come and avoiding the spiky balls he has just outflown, he will find the first life and the level's cage.

Proceeding right, Rayman navigates more spiky chasms until he eventually comes out at the bottom of the cave, directly above a pool of lava. If he goes left and takes the first path upwards he will come to the bonus level. Otherwise, he continues to fly left and eventually navigates more spiky passages. At the end of this, he will find the level's exit.

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