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Airy Tunes
Airy Tunes
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Airy Tunes is the second world in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. This world sports a resemblance to the original version's second world, Band Land. But here, the slippery sheet music is gold rather than silver, the wrong notes are black rather than being multicoloured, the sharp notes are all black, the trumpets haven't got hands, the lightning eyes throw fireballs instead of bolts and the more spectacular backgrounds are omitted.

Part 1

This part is very similar to the first stage of Allegro Presto in the original version, including a lot of sliding and Tings to collect. It is unique as it has Rayman chasing the exit sign across the level, until it finally stops moving near the end. It is not possible to catch the exit sign until it reaches the designated end of the level.

Rayman starts at the beginning of a slide and must follow it right to two small platforms, where he will first see the exit sign moving away from him. He must then slide along another stretch of sheet music, making jumps across small gaps containing wrong notes and ducking under a structure until he reaches the far right of the level. Here he will see the exit sign again and also encounter the first pair of lightning eyes.

After sliding back to the far left and making another set of more difficult jumps, Rayman will find the level's first cage. To reach it he will need to return once he has the grappling fist power. Dropping down, he must follow the exit sign right again, on the way he will encounter the second cage and this time he can smash it first time around by moving to the top of a raised section of sheet music to the right, sliding to the left, ducking under a spiky ball, and then jumping to the platform below the cage.

Once the cage is broken, he can continue right, ducking under some wrong notes, and continuing until he reaches some small platforms. He must make his way upwards by jumping on four falling platforms where he will see the exit sign moving away from him once again. He can follow it by ducking and sliding under some wrong notes. He will then drop down and hit a long section of sheet music which will take him right. He must jump across gaps and avoid spiky balls until finally reaching a long gap that the exit sign will be moving over.

A trumpet will stand to the right of the gap which will help Rayman cross. At the other side of the gap, the exit sign will finally stop allowing Rayman to finish the level.

Part 2

Rayman starts on a platform and must jump on a falling platform to reach another one. From there, he will briefly need to slide on some sheet music and avoid some wrong notes to reach another platform, where he will encounter the first two clouds in the game. Both will vanish quickly after touching them. By quickly jumping from them, he can use them to reach the next set of sheet music. He can take this to the far left of the level, avoiding obstacles as he goes, and then drop down on the steep sheet music until he reaches a platform at the very bottom of the level.

There will be a wide sea of wrong notes to his right which he can cross using a moving cloud. He must then jump to a vanishing one and jump again to reach some more platforms. After making another series of jumps heading right, he will come to a long platform with some lightning eyes above it and a stable cloud to the right that will propel him upwards when he stands on it. From this cloud he can reach more sheet music and a new life.

Taking the sheet music right, he will come to a long platform with sheet music running above it. There is a cage to the far right of the platform but it cannot be reached until Rayman has the helicopter ability, so instead he needs to jump up and stand on top of the sheet music. Once atop the sheet music, Rayman will find himself in a situation identical to the second stage of Allegro Presto in the original version where he must allow himself to be blown forward by a series of trumpets, alternating left and right, until he reaches the top of a structure of sheet music.

At the top, he can use the final trumpet to blow him to a piece of sheet music above him to the left where he will find another trumpet which will blow him right to the level's second cage. After that, he must drop back down to the top of the structure with the trumpets and go left, where he will find a gap of wrong notes which can be crossed using two moving clouds. Crossing a series of small platforms to the left, Rayman will find a new feature, he must jump on a small red object and cause it to rise. If the object stops rising it will start to descend slowly towards the ground, so Rayman must keep jumping until he gets as high as he can. He can move the object left or right by shooting in the opposite direction of the way he wants to go.

After completing this section of the game, he must follow the sheet music right, then down and then finally left where he will encounter an animated wrong note that will hop towards him and must be avoided. After traversing a little more sheet music, he will find the exit sign, but if he jumps past it and continues to the right he will find a new life.

Part 3

Rayman begins on a long platform with a cloud to the right. There is a gap beneath the cloud that will lead to a new life. From the cloud, Rayman can reach a raised platform, at which point a rising cloud will appear back to the left which will lead him to the first Golden Fist of the game. Continuing right, along some sheet music with some jumps to make and obstacles to avoid, Rayman will find two moving clouds that take him across some wrong notes. There is a gap in the group of wrong notes that if Rayman drops through lets him reach a bonus level.

Rayman must follow the moving clouds, and then some more sheet music, and eventually slide lower and to the left. Eventually he will have to drop down from a platform, onto a keyboard, and then onto a cloud which moves to the left. Rayman must ride it, and then jump from it up onto some sheet music, where he will encounter an Antitoon. There is a sea of wrong notes to the left, Rayman must jump up to a platform on the right which will cause a cloud to appear by the wrong notes which can then be ridden to the left. After sliding down more sheet music, Rayman will come to what appears to be a dead end to the left, with more sheet music leading downwards right. However, if he jumps onto a raised platform at the end of the sheet music, a trumpet will appear below it to blow him back to the previously dead end, where he will now find a cloud. This leads to a cage. However, this will require the grappling fist to reach, so it cannot be smashed the first time around.

Rayman can return to the platform with the trumpet below it by riding some sheet music directly below the flying ring, and then take a cloud right to some more platforms. He must navigate these, defeating or avoiding Antitoons as he goes, until he comes to some sheet music above him, which will take him to the exit sign. However, if he jumps down the gap before the exit sign he will find the level's second cage, which can be broken the first time around.

Part 4

Rayman starts on a platform with some sheet music above it that can be reached using a cloud. Once up there he will encounter a trumpet which will blow him left to another trumpet which will blow him right upwards, where he will find another red object like the one from part 2, which can be used to reach the top of a tall platform. Unlike in part 2, Rayman must move the object right to avoid getting stuck below another platform as he travels upwards.

At the top of a series of platforms, Rayman must travel right, then left and then right again along some sheet music until he reaches a platform with a falling platform to the right. Taking this platform, or simply throwing himself off the platform, he finds some more sheet music and follows it left. After a brief stop on a platform, he follows more sheet music right. If he jumps downwards at the end of this sheet music, he can find a cage. A cloud to the right of the cage will carry him back to the start of the level, although a rising cloud will now be next to the second trumpet which will return him to the place where he diverged.

This time jumping upwards, he finds another red object which he must ride upwards, going left and right to avoid wrong notes as he goes. Departing from the object and carrying on upwards, he finds another trumpet, which blows him left. He will encounter another trumpet which will try and blow him back the right, if he allows this he can reach another cage. Due to a gap in front of the cage, it is easier to come back and smash it once Rayman has the helicopter power, but it is still possible to break it the first time around.

Finding another red object to the far left, Rayman rides it upwards, once again avoiding wrong notes and other obstacles, until he reaches the top. There he will find some sheet music leading right, and to the exit sign. A bonus level and a new life can be accessed by taking a falling platform below the exit sign. Upon completion of Airy Tunes, Rayman gains the helicopter power.



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