Rainy Forest

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Rainy Forest
Rainy Forest
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Rainy Forest is the third world in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. It bears a resemblance to parts of the Dream Forest from the original game. It is the first world to only have three parts. Rayman first uses his Helicopter power here.

Part 1

Since this is the first level where Rayman can use his helicopter power, this part focuses on it a lot. Rayman begins on a large rock above a vast, flooded landscape and must use his helicopter for the first time to cross to a platform on his right. After hovering between more platforms he will land on a large leaf, below which is a lily pad that holds a new life. From here, he can jump to another two leaves and two vines to finally land on a lily pad on the water's surface. By continuing right, he can access a bonus level.

Returning to the vines, Rayman can make his way onto the platforms above them. The is a flying ring to the right which will lead to the first cage, but this of course cannot be accessed the first time around. Instead, Rayman must climb a taller vine and access the platform on top of it. He must cross a series of platforms, avoiding a few swinging, spiky fruits as he goes, until he reaches a tower of leaves which he must climb down to reach some more lily pads below. Crossing the lily pads, defeating or avoiding piranhas as he goes, he eventually reaches a floating platform which will take him to the right. Once he reaches a large rock on the right (where the platform stops) he should ride it back to where he first boarded it, as another platform will have appeared which will lead him to the second cage and another new life.

At the giant rock, Rayman can ride a rising platform up and reach the top of it. There he will find a vine to climb and a platform to jump to. If he completes this section, passing two antitoons, he will reach the level's exit sign.

Part 2

Rayman again begins on a giant rock, from which he must helicopter to a nearby lily pad. From there he can use some smaller platforms to reach a large platform almost directly above him, avoiding piranhas and spiky fruit as he goes. Moving right, he must traverse a few smaller platforms, many of which have spiky fruit above them, until he reaches one that has a plum underneath it. By hanging on the edge of the platform he can shoot the plum into the water, and then ride it right to reach a cage, which can be broken first time, and then left to return to the start of the level, where he can retrace his steps to where he found the plum.

Continuing right, he will find a swinging plum and eventually land on top of the large rock underneath which he previously found the cage. Going further right, he must helicopter across some falling platforms and jump to a vine. From this vine, a small rock can be landed upon, from which Rayman can use a flying ring to reach the next cage once he has the relevant power. If he is on his first time through the level, he must use some platforms above and to the right of the vine, where he will have to overcome some antitoons to reach another vine at the top of the map. He can either move left to find a new life or right to reach the exit sign.

Part 3

This is the second level where Rayman has to outrun the raising water, similarly to the third stage of Spellbound Forest and reminiscent of the first stage The Swamps of Forgetfulness from the original game. As with the third stage of Spellbound Forest, a clip plays at the start of the level showing Rayman trying to escape hostile waters, indicating the nature of the upcoming level. There is one cage in this level.

Rayman begins on a large rock with a falling platform above him to his right. To the far right of the screen is a life. When Rayman jumps to the falling platform the water will begin to rise, so he must quickly continue to a large platform to his right and then continue upwards by jumping between platforms until he reaches a swinging plum. He can use this to reach another platform on the far left, and then another in the centre which has an antitoon on it. He can jump from here to a leaf on the left and then continue upwards, defeating or avoiding antitoons as he goes. The use of swinging plums and a vine will be required in addition to jumping between platforms.

Rayman finds the exit sign on a floating lily pad at the very top of the level. As he approaches it, the level's cage will appear, hanging from the lily pad. To break it, Rayman will have to return to the penultimate platform of the level and charge his fist in order to reach the cage. Alternatively, he can hang from the lily pad, although the former method is much simpler. The water will stop rising at this point, making things easier.

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  • The music is an edited version of that of the Canopy

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