Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc : Le Guide Stratégique Officiel

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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc :
Le Guide Stratégique Officiel
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Published by MCES Publishing
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Written by Pascaline Jibert and Jérôme Capon (editors)
Olivier Bertin (designer)
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Release date 2003
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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc : Le Guide Stratégique Officiel (Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc: The Official Strategy Guide) is a French book published by MCES Publishing and authorised by Ubi Soft Entertainment.

This strategy guide, comprising 130 pages, contains a complete solution of the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and PC versions of Rayman 3. It is scattered with images of the characters of the game and humorous comments written by the Hoodlums. It also contains a making of, an interview of the developers and a substantial amount of information on the scoring system, the mini-games, the characters, the enemies, Rayman's capacities and the Laser-Washing Powders. The guide also contains a presentation of Rayman and the main games of his series. The last pages speak about the RaymanZone, the now-missing official Rayman website.

The solution guides the player in each level, with the help of screenshots and useful tips. It gives the exact number of Matuvus, Tribelles and cages in each area, as well as their exact location. It also reveals the location of the secret rooms, but a lot of them are absent, like the secrets in the offices of Otto Psi and Roméo Patti, the secret on the boat used by Rayman and Globox to reach the Summit Beyond the Clouds and the Xowar secret.

By following the solution to collect the jewels and fight the enemies, the player can reach a creditable score in each level. It is possible to improve it, but to do so, the player must find different ways to gather more points by himself.

Oddly enough, the solution considers the final fight against Reflux as a fully-fledged level, while it is a part of the Tower of the Leptys.

The bonuses chapter indicates the points required to unlock the mini-games and the Wanna Kick Rayman lessons. It also speaks about the exclusive mini-games of the GameCube version Wheelis, Mad Trax and 2D Nightmare.


Rayman 3 : Le Making Of (Rayman 3: The Making Of)

  • Graphisme et animations (Graphics and animations)
  • La Bande-Son (Soundtrack)
  • Le Game Design (Game Design)

Rayman 3 par ses créateurs (Rayman 3 by its creators)

Interview of Mickaël Janod, Lead Game Designer, and Benjamin Haddad, Game Designer

La Solution (The Solution)

Les Bonus (Bonuses)

  • À la récolte des points (How to collect points)
  • Les Bonus (Bonuses)
  • Les Bonus exclusifs sur GameCube (Exclusive Bonuses on GameCube)

Le Bestiaire (Bestiary)

  • Les Ennemis (Enemies)
  • Les Boss (Bosses)
  • Les Amis (Friends)

Les Armes et Pouvoirs (Weapons and Powers)

  • Les Compétences spéciales (Special Competences)
  • Les Super pouvoirs (Superpowers)

Rayman à travers le temps (Rayman through time)

La RaymanZone (The RaymanZone)