The Summit Beyond the Clouds

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The Summit Beyond the Clouds
The Summit Beyond the Clouds
The Longest Shortcut Hoodlum Headquarters
Murfy's score: 26701
Maximum score: 133729[1]

Matuvus 2 Tribelles 0
Cages 3

The Summit Beyond the Clouds, also known as the Summit of Fury, is a snow-based level in Rayman 3, and the last in which the player uses the funkyboard. After crossing the Looming Sea on a boat and passing through the dangers of the snowy area, Rayman finds out that Globox is frozen into an ice cube and he must use the funkyboard to race him down the Summit and get to the Hoodlum Headquarters. The ski slope level with the funkyboard looks similar to the Ski Slope level in Tonic Trouble.

As a level

Stage 1 - The ship

This level carries on directly from the Longest Shortcut, where Rayman and Globox acquire a boat from the three Teensie doctors. The first stage involves the duo attempting to reach the titular summit itself via the Looming Sea. Globox steers the ship on a course to the icy landscape, however the Dark Lum Lord has sent giant, mechanical fish to attack the ship. Rayman must utilise the ship's cannons to blast away the fish before they do the same to the heroes. Eventually the heroes fight off the invasion, and Rayman departs from the ship once they reach the mountain. (What happens to Globox is unknown, as he cannot be seen on the ship when Rayman leaves.)

Secret area

Over the side of the boat (off the port quarter) is a small crevice containing a few gems.

Stage 2 - The climb

Rayman has to climb up the side of the mountain whilst being bombarded by Spinneroos and giant snowballs. Eventually, the snowballs stop as he rescues the first of the Tufkins as they grant Rayman the LockJaw. Using it will help him reach a small arena where he has to fight some Hoodmonger Officers and a pair of Lavomatrixes before continuing on to several passages filled with Hoodlums. Eventually, after he defeats a group of a Stumbleboom and Hoodmonger, he helicopters down to a Hoodmonger Officer that contains the Heavy Metal Fist. Using it to destroy a barricade will open the path that opens out to a frozen waterfall, dotted with various pipes. To escape the area, Rayman must survive a passage behind the waterfall filled with several kinds of Hoodlums, some carried in by Hoodloon forces. Once all are defeated, the Throttle Copter appears, for use to save another group of Tufkins. They give Rayman the LockJaw, which is required for use to get to the exit.

Secret area

After defeating the Lavomatrixes, a short way up the balloon trail is a secret cave hidden behind some trees that leads to a mine with many gems. If Rayman is using the LockJaw, some of the gems can't be grabbed before collecting the green gem.[2]

Stage 3 - The slopes

Rayman arrives at the entrance to a Hoodlum camp. The area is barely infested by Hoodlums; a Slapdash standing in front of a hut is guarded by a Hoodoo, and an additional Hoodoo protects a Teensie cage. Once the Slapdash is dead, Rayman can proceed through the hut, where he automatically equips the funkyboard and sets off down the mountain. Out of nowhere, Globox appears, frozen in ice but able to talk. Rayman must race Globox down the ice, ramming into Spinneroos and avoiding leaky gas pipes on the way. If Globox beats Rayman down, the duo will slide into cable-cars and the race will restart, but if Rayman wins the race, the combined weight of the two will send them into the Hoodlum factory below.

There is a green gem near the end of the race. It can be difficult to acquire, as Rayman will have to be in the right spot to make a big enough jump to reach it.

Known glitches

  • In the first phase of this level (on the ship in the Looming Sea), it is possible to get an invincible, ever-lasting Throttle Copter. After all of the Hoodlum watercraft are defeated, if the player stands by the Throttle Copter and keeps flying into it without touching the floor, the meter won't deplete. From here, it is possible to hover into a black space with an ominous green square.
  • In the second phase, before the second Hoodlock, if Rayman is near the left side of the area, it is possible to fly. This glitch works on the PC and PlayStation 2.


  • At the end of the first stage, Globox yells out "We're the kings of the world!" This is a reference to Titanic.
  • The Summit's temperature is -61 degrees.

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  1. This figure is a theoretical value. The highest known score is 133,719 points. See the solution for detailed information.


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