Siamese Hoodlum

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Concept artwork of the Siamese Hoodlum.

Siamese Hoodlums were a variety of Hoodlum enemies which were originally planned to appear in Rayman 3.

Very little is known about this enemy. Its existence was revealed by a piece of official concept artwork produced for Rayman 3 – all that is known about the Siamese Hoodlum has been determined from this image. The Hoodlum itself appears to comprise two distinct Hoodlums joined together by stitching. Each of the two conjoined Hoodlums has only one arm. One Hoodlum is green in colour and wears a boxing glove similar to those wielded by Slapdashes, while the other is grey in colour and has a cannon for a hand. Both Hoodlums wear chain-mail similar to that of the Spinneroos. This is one of the few Hoodlum ideations that was completely removed from the final game without trace.