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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
Location The Land of the Livid Dead, the Desert of the Knaaren, the Summit Beyond the Clouds, Hoodlum Headquarters, the Tower of the Leptys

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Resistance 4 HP[1]
Attacks Protection field

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Species Hoodlum

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For example, using a slightly mannered and mysterious profile, we created Hoodoo, an elongated sorcerer.
—Stéphane Zinetti, Hoodlum character designer, RaymanZone interview
Cloaked in robes from the finest Hoodlum stitching, the elitist Hoodoo are feared by the lesser Hoodlum ranks. Although no Hoodlum knows the true extent of their spellcasting power, the Hoodoo are renowned combat healers. Little else is spoken about these superior sages who charge their Hoodlum underlings with mundane tasks while they hold secretive Hoodoo gatherings.
—Press release, Rayman 3[2]
The only Hoodlums capable of disappearing without having a career in politics and stealing from the state coffers.
—In-game description, Rayman 3

A Hoodoo, also known as Kagousorcerer, is an enemy in Rayman 3, and an elite member of the Hoodlum army. Made of the finest fabrics the Black Lums could find, they are elitist sorcerers, who use their magic to protect other Hoodlums from Rayman's attacks, instead of using weapons to attack. They are characterised as being tall and thin with a knot in the lower part of their cloak, which is purple with yellow moons and stars, similar to the hats worn by Polokus and Jano in Rayman 2. A Hoodoo's head is covered in a yellow and green veil. One of the more uncommon Hoodlum varieties, the first Hoodoos are encountered in the Land of the Livid Dead.


A few Hoodlums may seem to be open for Rayman to attack, but if he tries, a forcefield appears for a brief moment, and that is when the Hoodoo becomes visible. This is the best time to hit them, as they will disappear and cannot be attacked them; they will only reappear if Rayman tries to attack the other Hoodlum again. The Hoodoo has to be defeated first before Rayman can move on to the other(s).

The forcefield surrounding the enemy can be a weapon as well if the player runs into it. Sometimes the enemy moves into Rayman's path and hits him with the forcefield as well as shooting at him. Being hit multiple times in the same go can potentially kill Rayman.

At an early point in the game's development, Hoodoos also had the ability to shoot fireballs, and to catch Rayman's telescopic fist and block it temporarily. It was decided by the developers that being able to simultaneously attack Rayman, neuturalise Rayman's own attacking ability and defend other Hoodlums for Rayman made the Hoodoos too powerful and confusing, so all of their abilities were removed, with the exception of their forcefield generation.



  1. Depending on the charging time, Rayman can inflict the following damage with his fists:
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