Hoodlum airship

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A Hoodlum airship.

The Hoodlum airship is a type of airborne vehicle which is used by the Hoodlums in Rayman 3. They are large flying crafts with Black Lum insignia on their sides. The airships do not actively attack Rayman; like balloons, they serve as platforms which the Hoodlums use to travel to certain areas and attack Rayman. It is not possible for Rayman to destroy the airships.

Although only a few are seen in the first two levels, in the Bog of Murk there is a fleet of Hoodlum airships that can be seen near Razoff's house, heading across the night sky to the Land of the Livid Dead. When they arrive, the Hoodlums have assembled many platforms that they can use to disembark from the airships. They are mostly used for reinforcements. Hoodlum airships also make an appearance in the second part of Commando.

Most of the time, the airships act as background elements and little else. In the Land of the Livid Dead, a Hoodboom stands in an airship and lobs plum juice cocktails at Rayman, who must use a Shock Rocket to kill it. The Hoodlums in the Tower of the Leptys tend to use Armaguiddons as their mode of airborne transport instead.