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Early artwork of the Kagoubinôme.

The Kagoubinôme was a variety of Hoodlum which was initially planned to appear as an enemy in Rayman 3, but was cut from the final version of the game. The Kagoubinôme was in fact composed of two completely different, but complementary, Hoodlums. One Hoodlum would have been small and thin, and the other Hoodlum would have been tall and fat. The Kagoubinôme couple could carry out two distinct attacks, playing on the size and shape of the Hoodlums who make up his two-person character. At long distance, the smaller of the two perches on the fatter one, who starts rolling around like a ball. The small one – looking like a circus tightrope walker – steers him along, attempting to crush Rayman. Later on, in close combat, the large Hoodlum would attack Rayman, using the small Hoodlum as a nunchaku.

Frontal shot of the Kagoubinôme.

Despite the character's original and attractive game design, the Kagoubinôme was discarded by the developers because his first attack required a lot of space in the level and the second proved very difficult to program. The Kagoubinôme are one of the Hoodlum types that have been completely removed from the final product.

The name ‘Kagoubinôme’ would most likely have been changed to one containing the word ‘Hood’ before the game's release.