Hoodlum watercraft

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The Hoodlum watercraft is a type of offensive vehicle which is used by the Hoodlums in Rayman 3. An official level description refers to them as ‘waves of weird watercraft that only the Hoodlums were insane enough to launch’. These submersible vehicles resemble large mechanical fish, and are mounted with cannons. Vast numbers of Hoodlum watercraft attack Rayman and Globox's ship as the heroes sail across the Looming Sea to the Summit Beyond the Clouds at a late point in Rayman 3. In order to combat the watercraft, Rayman must retaliate by firing the ship's cannons at them. A single cannonball is all that is required to despatch one watercraft. After Rayman and Globox arrive on dry land, the watercraft are not seen again.

Another type of Hoodlum watercraft is present in the boggier areas of the series. It appears as a small, brown boat, which can traverse swampland. Several of these are seen in the Bog of Murk and occasionally in Hoodlum Moor. They cannot be destroyed and are simply used as platforms.

In Clearleaf Forest, a small paper boat with a Black Lum drawn crudely on its side appears floating down a river at one point, before Rayman and Globox scale the waterfall. Touching it does nothing and it does not attack.