Betilla's Garden

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Betilla's Garden
Betilla's Garden
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Betilla's Garden is a tutorial area in the world map of the educational Rayman games, including Rayman Junior and English with Rayman, used by the young player to practice Rayman's abilities covered in a series of simplified maps based on those from the main game and the original Rayman. To ease players into the game, Rayman is initially given 50 lives.


In a recorded demo, Betilla the Fairy welcomes Rayman to her garden, where he is told he can practice his powers. The player has no control over Rayman. The demo is set in the Blue Mountains.

Practice jumping and helicopter

In a basic map set in Picture City, Rayman is taught how to use the helicopter power to extend his jumps. There are few obstacles, with the exception of some spikes. If Rayman falls, he will typically be protected by a lower platform, and can jump up and try again.

Practice your timing

Rayman is taught to time his movements carefully as he jumps on water lilies and bongo berry swings in the Dream Forest. He also learns how to crawl under spiked berries.

Practice super helicopter

Rayman learns how to use the super helicopter in Candy Château. Along the way, he must avoid sharp spikes, which Betilla describes as 'not friendly'.

Practice using your fist

In the Caves of Skops, Rayman practices using his telescopic fist against several Antitoons as well as learning to grab flying rings.

Practice piloting maracas rockets

Rayman must safely pilot a maracas rocket in Band Land using Betilla's instructions, while avoiding spiky balls and wrong notes that form a dangerous path. Unusually, this is the only level in Betilla's Garden not to feature an exit sign, and it instead has a second back arrow in its place.

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